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Laura Zapata asked Thalía for help to “put a stop” to Yolanda Andrade

Laura Zapata is willing to make Yolanda Andrade stop her comments against her and she will do it with the help of Thalía (Photos: Cuartoscuro//Instagram @thalia//Twitter/@TVAztecaJalisco)

In the midst of the controversy caused by the comments that Laura Zapata he did towards the Mexicans and the answer he gave him Yolanda Andradethe actress confessed that she asked her younger sister for help, Thaliafor put a “stop” to the presenter.

Last August Laura Zapata said on the program Atypical Sees You that Mexicans are “huevon…”this in criticism of the resident’s followers Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorwhich caused several people to attack her, as was the case with Yolanda Andrade.

the driver of Montse and Joe He assured through his Twitter account that “Mexicans are NOT eggs…, the egg… is you. You’ve run out of your corn that Thalía gave you, get to work ”, which caused the actress to look for the singer to stop the comments against her.

In a meeting with the press, Laura commented that her sister should not maintain a friendship with Andrade since she considers her a dangerous person due to the rumors that have arisen about her family.

“It is not that I have set a limit, I tell her (to Thalía): ‘Hey, well, you already control your little friend, don’t you?’ (…) Imagine what society, the person is dangerous, the person is very dangeroustremendous things have come out, of fear, I am afraid, of her family, of her father, of her brother, of everything and well, I think that my sister does not need that type of society “

He also commented that he has sent Thalía different messages asking her to no longer relate to Yolanda Andrade because she is a woman with a family to take care of.

Laura then mentioned that she asked her half-sister to make a video to clean up your imagesaying that does not keep itWell, since before Thalía became famous, she had already participated in several television and theater projects.

“I would have to tell her, as I tell Thalía: ‘Would you have to make me, please, I beg you, a little video saying that I am not supported, that you have not even supported me, that is, what happened? I invited you, I opened the door to this medium for you, but before you started working on this, I already worked and lived from this’”

Zapata said that she considers this video necessary because that way she can get out of “these vulgarities.”

So far, Thalía has not responded to her older sister's statements (Photo: Instagram/@thalia)
So far, Thalía has not responded to her older sister’s statements (Photo: Instagram/@thalia)

In addition to this, he made Yolanda responsible for everything that could happen to her since he considers her a woman of “taking arms”. “I take responsibility for what happens to meto any of my properties, because he knows where I live, or any of the people close to me, I hold this person responsible that we have already seen is to take up arms, ”said the actress.

To close the topic, Laura Zapata repeated that she wants Thalía’s support to stop Andrade and that even if she does not send her the video she wants, their relationship as sisters would be in danger.

“Rather than intercede, I believe that she would have to put a stop to this insult to me because if she has had a nice career, a lot of marketing, her husband very rich, I am a lady, I am an acting lady, I am a lady full of awards in this country, then I deserve respect. If she wants me as a younger sister, then she would have to do what I’m asking her to do, a video where she says: I don’t support the lady, nor is she a kept ”


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