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Laura León defends Ana Claudia Talancón from criticism for her premier status: “Life is short”

A few days ago the premiere of the film was held. I’m your fan, a very popular series in the 2000s, which starred Ana Claudia Talancón. Although the spotlight on the red carpet was on many people, it was the actress who took the night because she gave interviews in an inconvenient statesince he arrived very happy and had a hard time articulating words.

Because of this, many people on social networks and hosts of different programs made fun of her for her particular way of speaking to the media, as well as her effusiveness. And before the wave of attacks that Ana Claudia Talancón received, Laura León came out in defense of the actress.

In interview with Joy come, Laura León issued her opinion on the state in which Ana Claudia Talancón arrived at the premiere of her film and defended her from all those who made fun of her.

“Each of us is free to arrive and do things, with respect for the public, but to be happy and at ease, my dear queen, we have to indulge our tastes. She is an excellent artist and a great person and cast the first stone”.

the little treasure He mentioned that due to the latest circumstances that have been experienced in Mexico and in the world Like the pandemic, we all have the right to be happy and enjoy life.


@talancon_art is the happiest for the Soy Tu fan movie and she showed it on the pink carpet #loveit

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“Life is short and more so with all the experiences we have had, I think right now is a good time to feel happy, always. We have to feel happy and the treasure has to be enjoyed”.

On the other hand, Laura León also defended Lucía Méndez who received bad comments after saying that would like to receive a tribute like the one Silvia Pinal had this August 29 in Fine Arts.

“He deserves it, but the tributes in life. We all deserve it and we have worked with all our love, leave one’s life, with great pleasure. I think it would be very nice (the tribute to Lucía Méndez)”.


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