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Laura León admits that she wants to show that to her OnlyFans "Treasure"

OnlyFans has brought popularity and money to many people, and while she doesn’t need anything from them, Laura León confessed that she wants to create her account to show the “treasure”.

In a recent meeting with the press, the performer of “Suavecito Suavecito” wondered why I don’t have OnlyFans? IT MAY INTEREST YOU: Anahí, former RBD, returns after 11 years to perform at a Karol G concert. In the presence of her granddaughters, they said she would not be accountable, but Laura, 69, confessed that she wants to and even He joked that he had already had wigs made for his “Tesorito”.

“I want to do OnlyFans, of course I do and I’m going to show you all the treasures that are beautiful and I just sent you to make some nice wigs,” Laura León said. On social networks, users have highlighted the good attitude with which León presents himself at all times. “I love this woman, she is always so nice”, “What a beautiful woman inside and out” and “How she makes me laugh, how beautiful she is”, are some of the comments after Laura’s statements. Here we leave you the moment when Laura León confessed that she wants to make her OnlyFans account to show all the “treasures”. @laura_leonmex #schatz #parati #autentica ♬ original sound – @lauraleonmx

Reference from lanoticia

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