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Laura G reveals why Vanessa Claudio was not the host of ‘La Academia’

Although the singing reality show ‘The academy’ came to an end last sundaystill giving what to talk about.

The latest generation it was controversial derived from various errors on the part of the productionbeing one of the most notable Yahir’s drivingsinger and former participant in 2002, which was rated by viewers as baddenouncing that he did not have experience.

For the above his absence was to the liking of the majority during one of the concerts, this as a result of work commitments, so in her place was Laura Ga situation that the public appreciated but at the same time generated doubt: Why wasn’t Vanessa Claudia the one who took Yahir’s place?

Laura G explains the reason why she replaced Yahir in driving

During an interview for the radio program ‘The Wayfarer’ of Exa, Laura revealed the reason why the production did not allow Vanessa to be the driver major.

According to G, when he was offered to replace Yahir, the first thing he did was question the offer, arguing that Vanessa was the ideal person for being the co-host of the project, in addition to being present in each of the programs.

The ideal is her, I think it’s a bad decision because she (Vanessa) is there”, he commented.

After this, he shared with the public the explanation they gave him to make him understand why it was not possible for Vanessa to become the owner for one day.

“The people who do the co-driving have all the sales, and contracts are made for that person to do them

The main reason was the trade commitments, since it was impossible for another person to substitute his intervention with the sponsors. Secondly, it would have been complex for him to move from the backstage to the stage fulfilling television times.

Finally, Laura expressed that she was calmuntil days before the media began to publish notes generating expectations of his leadership and questioning if his work would measure up television star show.


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