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Laura G lives a tense moment with Arturo López Gavito in ‘La Academia’: “talent is discussed”

Since Jahir debuted as a conductor in the commemorative edition of The academy, the public has pointed out the constant mistakes he has made program after program due to his inexperience in the matter. That is why his absence in the concert 14 did not cause much impact among viewers, who on Saturday welcomed Laura G. as the substitute presenter.

As expected, all eyes were on the performance of LauraG, who is considered one of the stellar conductors of TV Azteca, so the tense moment she lived with did not go unnoticed. Arturo Lopez Gavito.

Chiquis Rivera reacts to Lolita Cortés’s faces of displeasure when singing in ‘La Academia’: bitterness

The unfortunate encounter between Laura G and Arturo López Gavito took place after Nelson’s musical number, who performed No podras, by Cristian Castro; however, his performance failed to convince all the judges and received a number of negative reviews.

Though courteous lolita came out in his defense pointing out that the presentation of Nelson was good considering that he went through health problems like the rest of his classmates and pointed out that the participant was getting “profiling for the final”.

Laura G spends an uncomfortable moment for Arturo López Gavito

Lolita Cortés’s arguments did not change Arturo López Gavito’s opinion, who reiterated Nelson’s lack of commitment. It was then that Laura G intervened and tried to stop the harsh comments andn against the contestant.

the driver of come the joy stressed that academics were coming out of a health crisis.

I just want to remind you of something and forgive me for getting in the way: it wasn’t in them that they got sick. It was a painting that struck all the students. They went to check“said Laura G, who could not say more, since the judges asked her not to get involved.

“My dear Laura, you…” Lolita Cortés mentioned. to prevent the driver from continuing to speak. To which Laura G is visibly uncomfortable.

“Wait for me,” commented López Gavito, “With all my heart and with all my love, no, diseases are not discussed here. Talent and Appreciation DiscussedWhat are we doing”.

The judge turned to where Lolita was and, without letting Laura G take up the word, invited the critics to meet at breakfast on Sunday to discuss Nelson’s presentation: “So what I suggest to you (Lolita) is that I invite you tomorrow morning, we buy ourselves a breakfast, we see Nelson perform , the first of You will not be able to and then the other and if there really is a substantial evolution, I will invite you to breakfast”.

Finally, the debate continued around the presentation of Nelson and Laura G did not interfere again.


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