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Laura G. again on “Quierro Cantor!

Laura G. again on

The host participating in the said segment of “Venga la Alegria” has been heavily criticized; She defended herself, claiming “not being a professional singer”.

Mexico City.- Laura G admits she doesn’t have singing talentBut she took up the challenge and is one of the participants in the “I Want to Sing” contest within the TV Azteca program “Come Joy” that generated the most criticism.

Driver on this second occasion He had to interpret the song “Mudanjas”. by Lupita D’Alessio, and in spite of the great challenge it meant, Laura got ready and received advice from friends, coworkers, and their mothers.

Before your participation, admitted that she felt tired Because she was rehearsing late, she was also a little cranky, however, The judges liked his performance Rossio Banquels, Mario LaFontaine and Horacio Villalobos, who confirmed that “it made their skin twist.”

A few hours before your presentation, Driver shared a video with his Instagram followers and confessed that it was a big challenge for her to come on stage and do something she ain’t ready for, like she is sing.

netizens Laura and . be more direct with He has criticized the way he sings, making sure that he recited the theme of the “sleeping lioness”. Twitter flooded with memesWhere his name became a trend again.