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Laura Flores is committed to equity in relationships

Nervous about being a little late to the conference, but excited and grateful to be in front of the press, Laura Flowers revealed details about his latest single “Do not hurt me”the sixth he has written in two years and another sign of his conviction to return to his role as a singer, something that has always been a fundamental part of his roots as an artist.

happy for the premiere “Do not hurt me” on platforms and on her official YouTube channel, Laura shares exclusively with MILLENNIUM how the current role of women has inspired her to write a topic that many can relate to.

“Both men and women are responsible for what happens in a relationship. The issue is that many women, either by education or by conviction, have chosen a submissive life, a life to be under the husband or partner. I believe that neither of the two people should be in a situation like this, I believe more in relationships that are equal; in fairness, in equality in the relationship. It is what I think becomes something healthy, logical, fair”, shares the singer.

Likewise, Laura Flores comments that she shares advice with her children with the intention of guiding them in their way of relating and, in relation to the song she created together with Ricardo Robledothe interpreter invites the public to leave their opinion on their social networks, since ensures that today digital platforms are the most important means to interact with the public and analyze the life process of a musical project.

“I have composed several songs between 2021 and this year and it is, in particular, focuses on the feelings of a woman who was in a toxic relationship, who was hurting her. A woman who is trying to put her life back together, licking her wounds, picking up the pieces of her. She wants to rebuild her life, but this toxic person won’t let her […] This song applies both to a relationship that did not work out, and to those women who are victims of domestic violence”, he explained.

In addition, Laura announced that her main goal is to get on stage with her six new songs, sharing her music and this stage of her career with the public, giving her artistic project the place it deserves.

“I really want to do tours and personal presentations. The show is there, no problem, the musicians are there, the scores too. It is a matter of people knowing that I am here, that I have new music and we are definitely going to start doing live performances because that is what I am looking for the most, ”she detailed.


Although it does not have dates for presentations, Laura Flowers shared that there will likely be another premiere for October this year. However, it all depends on how it goes. “Do not hurt me”.

The actress and host has given particular priority to her presence on social networks, as she is active on Instagram.

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