Laura Bozzo reappears on TV

MEXICO CITY (EFE) .— After four months on the run from justice in Mexico, Peruvian driver Laura Bozzo reappeared in the media yesterday to provide details of her legal situation after her arrest warrant was suspended.

“I had an open stomach for a year, I had septicemia and breast cancer, if I hadn’t shown up (to the authorities) it was because the prison was an expected death sentence … I would never have escaped that I knew. “I was younger, I was innocent, and I asked my lawyers for help,” he said on TV Azteca’s “Venga la joy”.

On August 11, a Mexican judge placed the TV host on preventive detention on an alleged tax offense of over 12 million pesos for the sale of a property that had been confiscated.

Accused of being an unfaithful custodian, the moderator did not respond to the authorities’ call, so a federal judge ordered her arrest on August 18 and later searched in 195 countries that make up Interpol.

Order suspended

Yesterday, Tuesday, it became known that the ninth District Judge for Amparo and Trials in the State of Mexico, Juan Miguel Ortiz, announced that Laura Bozzo had already presented the conditions imposed, so that the arrest warrant against her has been suspended.

This went hand in hand with the payment of 2.6 million pesos so that the suspension would not lose its effectiveness without releasing the controversial Peruvian driver from repairing the damage.

“What is owed is paid … I just gave more than 2 million, we are negotiating whether there is a tax credit that needs to be paid,” the Laura in America recognized driver told her Appearance on Aztec television.

Laura Bozzo also pointed out that she would not go to a lawsuit because of her legal situation, because in reality she was seeking an agreement with the tax attorney.

“I trust him and the authorities,” he said.

On social networks, Laura Bozzo showed a video in which she was in Acapulco, in which she assured that she will clear her name in order to prove her innocence with evidence.

More controversial

A few months ago, Laura Bozzo also lost a lawsuit against Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva for defamation and defamation.

In his complaint, the actor complained that the driver interfered in his private life.

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