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Laura Bozzo assures that she was not hiding alone, that she did not want to die “bleeding to death”

Laura Bozzo explica su situación legal

The Peruvian said that she was not hiding from the judiciary but that she could not be detained for health reasons.

MEXICO. – Last Monday, November 22nd, it became official them permanently from the arrest warrant against. suspended from Laura Bozzo after i paid 2 million 600 thousand pesos as guarantee.

In an interview, the Peruvian TV presenter said she was happy because “a time of terror” was finally over. He also assured that “the truth always comes out”.

“I’m happy with the way things are going, that I’m going through a period of terror, but here I am. Kisses to my audience that I know were very worried about me. Thank goodness an agreement has already been reached and the whole truth always comes to light, ”the Peruvian explained to the“ Gossip ”program.

Laura Bozzo assures that she was not hidden

What more than three months without knowing anything about his whereaboutsLaura assured that she was not hiding, as speculated, to avoid justice, but that she was seeking protection to take care of her health. The presenter of “Laura in America” ​​stated that “I followed the instructions of her lawyer” and she too “clinically diagnosed depression“.

“I followed my attorney’s instructions directly, people always see me as strong, but I have been clinically diagnosed with depression since I was a child, so I cannot handle childbirth. They hurt me a lot with something like that, explained the TV presenter.

I fought for my life I said, ‘If I don’t owe it, I’m not afraid of it’, but going to prison is very difficult, painful, not because I’m afraid, these people are my people and I love them, but it’s because of my health problem“Added the lawyer, too.

Laura insists that if locked up, she could bleed to death

Due to her alleged health, Laura Bozzo decided not to appear at the authorities, and conduct law enforcement at your discretion and through lawyers so as not to endanger your life:

I had an open stomach for a year that I had to heal every day. I have to take care of myself every day, I have to take care of my diet because I have diverticula that I bleed to death when they explodeAnd so many things I had to defend my life, ”said the driver.

Where was it hidden

Regarding the controversy that the host of “Laura Uncensored” fled the country to evade Mexican justice, she was responsible for solving her alleged escape and used this rumor to foresee that it was her Preparation of his organic series.

I can’t comment on where I’ve been or anything, I’ll save it for my showBesides, I wasn’t home to anyone, I was in Mexico I’ve never moved before I’m not going to move out of Mexico, I was just protecting my health and thank god the Mexican judiciary gave me the opportunity to appear in court, I went to court to make a payment, it gave me the final suspension ” said Laura.

The Peruvian stressed that if she “shows her face” so far it was because her lawyers had advised her, but reiterated that she preferred to be arrested instead of hiding, which is why she considered her absence one classified.Horror experience“.

“There’s nothing like freedom that you have to hidewhat happened to me for the first time in life It was an experience of terror, I prefer the three years of house arrest that I spent in Peru In order to be completely acquitted by the judiciary, I prefer to have to hide a thousand times, “explained the driver.

“It was torture for me, I thought, ‘What are people going to think’ and they told me your life is first. I would have gone to jail for myself, but I have to be careful,” said the lawyer.

It should be noted that a federal judge is the final suspension that prevents The General Public Prosecutor’s Office (FGR) executes the arrest warrant that exists against the TV presenter as a result of the subsequent proceedings for an indefinite period of timeResunta sale of a property that was confiscated by the Tax Administration Service (SAT), which provides the 12 million pesos.

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