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Latin Grammys offered to the Virgin

Latin Grammys offered to the Virgin

Emotional act by Yotuel Romero in the Church of Miami

MIAMI (EFE) .— In the “name of the Cuban people” the singer Yotuel Romero and his wife, also the singer Beatriz Luengo, presented the Virgen de la Caridad. the two Latin Grammys won for the song “Patria y vida” del Cobre, in the hermitage dedicated to the patron saint of Cuba in Miami.

The singer and his wife, dressed in white and accompanied by their youngest daughter, attended a mass in the Hermitage of the Virgin, in front of which they placed the two small gramophone-shaped sculptures that represent the Grammy Awards.

The faithful sang the words “Home and Life” and, like the priests who presided over the mass, began with applause after the singer placed the awards on a table next to the altar adorned with the Cuban flag, according to recorded video.

At some point during the ceremony, those in attendance sang out loud the song, which was released along with a video clip in February 2021 and has already had 9.6 million views on YouTube.

The theme has become the anthem of those calling for change in Cuba and has followed the protests that arose on the island this year and have been heavily suppressed by the Cuban authorities.

Produced by Asiel Babastro, “Patria y vida” is performed by Yotuel Romero, Descember Bueno, Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom, who make up Gente de Zona, as well as the rappers “El Funky” and “El Osorbo”, the latter in prison. in Cuba since last May.

The song was named Song of the Year and Urban.

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