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LAST MINUTE: King Carlos III gives his first speech after the death of his mother

  • He speaks for the first time after becoming king.
  • Dedicate a special message to your mother
  • He speaks to his nation and the world after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

King Charles III delivered his first speech after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II who served for 70 years on the throne of Great Britain. In a video broadcast by Telemundo Newsthe new monarch sent an emotional message about his family and his mother’s work.

In the first minutes of the message, the new King of Great Britain honored his mother and her long term on the throne. “I pay tribute to the memory of my mother and honor her life of service… I share that tremendous sense of loss with all of you.”

Makes a promise in his first speech

Makes a promise in his first speech

“As the Queen did… I also commit myself for the rest of the time that Providence gives me to uphold the constitutional principles that are the heart of our nation… Wherever you live… I promise to serve you with loyalty, respect and love, as I have done it throughout my life,” he declared.

King Carlos II announced that it will no longer be possible for him to meet the obligations around charity. “Since we got married 17 years ago, she has become my queen consort… I know that she will respond to her demands and her new role with devotion,” the monarch assured.

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