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Larry Hernández takes many pills before bed and raises concern among his fans (VIDEO)

  • The interpreter of ‘El Baleado’ is exhibited and worries about his health
  • Larry Hernández reveals that he takes hundreds of pills before bed
  • What health problems could the singer face?

Larry Hernandez takes a lot of pills. The interpreter of ‘El Baleado’ gave something to talk about again, because his fans have been concerned about his health due to a recent video published by his wife Kenia Ontiveros on her official Instagram. And it is that the singer Larry Hernández, takes hundreds of pills a day.

It is not the first time that Larry has been in controversy recently, let us remember that just over a month ago in full presentation, the 45-year-old singer angrily kicked a speaker, which raised a lot of criticism among people, now, the singer worries about your health…


Larry Hernandez takes a lot of pills

As usual, Kenia and Larry always post their day-to-day on their social networks, from the activities they do during the day with their children, until dusk falls and they have to sleep. What happens is that she had never exposed Kenya Ontiveros to her husband in the way that she did last night.

Very few, or perhaps none of his fans had noticed that the singer from Los Angeles, California, was medicated with hundreds of pills before bed. This video generated quite a bit of controversy, because his fans told him to be very careful, especially with his liver, since he could get seriously ill from excessive drug use. Filed Under: Larry Hernandez takes a lot of pills

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