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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Larry Hernández ‘explodes’ in full concert and kicks a horn! (VIDEO)

  • The interpreter of ‘El Baleado’ reacts unexpectedly
  • He gets angry and kicks the horn in the middle of the show
  • Could he have hurt someone?

Larry Hernández explodes in concert. The Mexican-American singer-songwriter entered into a new controversy after a video was leaked in which the interpreter of “El Baleado” did what many did not believe he would dare to do. His reaction caused a lot of conflict among the followers…

Kenya Ontiveros’s husband reacted in the worst way, and although the reasons why he did what he did are unknown, this generated all kinds of negative comments for the interpreter of ‘Badly hooked and buchón’. The video quickly went viral and left much to be desired.

Kick a horn in full show

Larry Hernández explodes in concert

At a recent concert in Arizona, Larry Hernández was performing his best-known songs, everything was flowing in the best way and the public was enjoying his presentation, but suddenly things took a very unexpected turn, because nobody expected the reaction of Larry.

Chamonic’s account on Instagram leaked a video where we can see how the interpreter of “I hope you go wrong” takes one of the monitors (television) and throws it aggressively towards the public. This action clearly caused a serious accident. Filed Under: Larry Hernandez explodes in concert

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