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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Larry Hernández exploded, shattering the speakers in full concert

The performer of “Que te Caiga el 20”, “El Baleado” and “El Corrido del Piyi”, Larry Hernández, surprised his fans in full concert when he exploded in front of them, allegedly destroying speakers and equipment on stage.

The California-born Mexican-American singer, known for his regional Mexican, banda and norteño banda songs, went viral on social media following the incident. THIS MAY INTEREST YOU: Gloria Trevi announces she will be performing in two North Carolina cities. The incident happened on August 13 during a concert by the musician in Arizona.

A video circulated on social media showing the 45-year-old interpreter visibly upset, after which he appeared to kick a horn. Surprised screams can be heard from the audience and some splinters flew into the audience, although no one was apparently injured. Among the comments were people asking to stop seeing Larry because he “has no education, let alone respect for his audience.”

Here we leave you one of the videos circulated from the concert, where you can see the moment when Larry Hernández exploded, allegedly destroying speakers and equipment. Lately, Pure “Pitero Idol” sisters are packing! Love you a little darling!! How is it possible that they pay a ticket to see this pndjo !! He has no education let alone respect for his audience!! 🤬#LarryHernández pic.twitter.com/Sa53oH4p76 – JUANGABRIELA JACKSON 🦋 (@YoZhoy) August 15, 2022 What other controversy did Larry Hernández have? The musician is already being branded as violent on social networks and some internet users are asking not to attend his concerts so as not to take any risks. Regarding the last incident, Larry commented that it was not a speaker but a screen on which he reads the lyrics of his songs.

“That was a monitor I read the songs on but see people put more on it, regards. I buy them, it’s worth it,” said the musician during the concert. In September 2015, Larry Hernández was arrested for alleged involvement in the kidnapping of one of his concert organizers named José Andrade, although he was released after posting bail. According to the singer’s social networks, he will be doing more concerts in Illinois, Mexico and Texas this month.

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