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Lalo Spain has AMLO. Condemned the threats after the video against

lalo españa

Mexico.- Lalo Spain, Comedian popular for his character in the series “neighbors”, assured that he threatened her after the controversial video in which he is seen attacking the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and in the one calling it: “Unworthy, stupid and corrupt.”

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On 30 June, Spain said the following:

“How to explain to them that I voted a foolish, arrogant, arrogant, closed, unworthy, corrupt man and I am so sorry, and that inexplicably despite so many corruptions, lack of drugs, people cling to his defense.” Children with cancer, put off, constantly doing what he wants, not what is due.

“Hello! I don’t know how to explain to them that with a scary spell and a word that’s embarrassing, they’re still clinging to the defense of a fool. Anyway. Let’s open our eyes and open our hearts and go through this Don’t keep dividing the country, but actually change things. Not as cheap change as we were promised, a ridiculous, stupid, inept, crap thing. Thanks”.

a user threatened

Now, through his social network, the Mexican actor assured that the identity of a user “@pacoranje “ threatened him. The internet user already has the account suspended and the comedian also held him responsible for what could happen to him.

“I want to report to @mxpoliciaciber Direct threat to the user of this account (@pacoranje) Obviously he doesn’t have pants to show his face,” he wrote. “If anything happens to me, I ask that it be investigated.”

The post was later removed.

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