Home Entertainment Lalo Mora causes outrage by kissing and exploring his fans (VIDEO)

Lalo Mora causes outrage by kissing and exploring his fans (VIDEO)

Lalo Mora causes outrage by kissing and exploring his fans (VIDEO)

The singer was strongly criticized for the way he performed with women who approached him for autographs.

Aguascalientes.- Lalo Mora, The regional music singer has drawn criticism on social networks after some time. video and pictures In which he is seen touching a fan kiss on the fans mouth and later, inappropriately.

These actions have drawn comments against the musician, who apparently did not mind risking his health, as he was intubated last year due to Covid-19.

However, what caused the most outrage was seeing how he took advantage of the women who approached him to take photos with him and he took advantage of it. touching or kissing both by force”.

a kiss that she didn’t ask for

Mora, was introduced this past Saturday, July 17 Joint from Aguascalientes, but was a former member of Los Invasores de Nuevo León after his show Welcoming his fans in the van. Many women were enthusiastic about power take a picture with him, However, this moment This will cause controversy.

In Video You can see when Lalu he kissed one of his followers on the mouth, and although the woman does not seem to resist, it can be seen that he lays his head As if trying to stop her from taking her face away.

But this won’t be the only action that has sparked outrage, other videos and pictures of the musicians were also shared grope your fans And some more kisses.

Forgot that you are a Covid-19 survivor?

In addition to the outrage generated by the abuse meted out to his fans, the singer’s followers rebuked him for his irresponsibility by reminding him of last year. coronavirus happened, For which he was severe and intrauterine.

Though the criticism has turned the singer into a social media trend, neither he nor his team has spoken about it.

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