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Lali Esposito, the head of a trio with which she fulfilled the girl’s dream

More than one reading in the same sentence “Lali” Y “trio” can you imagine that these lines point to the sexual universe of Esposito. Well far from that. The pairing of those words, in this case, comes from a recent confession of hers, in the first part of the final of La Voz Argentina, when she, Soledad Pastorutti and Natalia Oreiro surprised on screen with an unpublished song, I want everything.

like maybe I wanted everything Lali when I was little and it was not so clear. But last Sunday, while the public’s expectations were set on seeing who would win the fourth edition of Telefe’s reality show, there did not seem to be more leading names that night than those of Yhosva Montoya, Ángela Navarro, Iván Papetti and Elías Pardal.

And yet, the two members of the jury left their chairs and La Sole appeared at the wheel of a car, in the middle of the stage, with scent of a foursome, although in reality it was the tip of a trio. A magical trio, which hid a story.

La Sole in front of her orphanage fans.  Under the red hat, in the front row, Lali.

La Sole in front of her orphanage fans. Under the red hat, in the front row, Lali.

three to win

“We bring you / A little bit of cumbia, rhythm, flavor / Come on, come on, come on / Yes, gentlemen… / I am like that / A hurricane hitting time / And as dangerous as the wind / That does not know how to make silence ”the folklorist put first, in a miniskirt, no need to flip the poncho to light the gala.

“With this little mouth / I say everything I think / And if I like it a lot / I’ll shut you up with a kiss, yeah”Lali joined, and in a second The scene was completed with the entry of the Uruguayan, to sing the chorus together. She also had the solo verse of her with that of “I am no longer here because magic made its art / Since I was a kid I always put a lot on my part / Everything I give, what I want to be, oh oh oh”.

The song, creation of Marcela Morelo next to them, he thought, composed himself and accommodated himself according to each one. And, although an amalgamated team was seen, in a great scenic and balanced combination, there was something of Lali biting on point. And not because she wanted to take the lead or because Oreiro and La Sole felt in the background.

But there is something about Lali’s overwhelming and successful present that any unsuspecting person could say was her show with two special visits. And, if one reviewed the three careers, it would be clear that the paths traveled, as the years go by, mark that Natalia and Soledad, each on their own, left a huge mark. And they are huge.

and that’s where Lali’s sincerity enters to put everything in its place. He asks Marley to let her say something she needs to share: “I am fulfilling the dream of the kid. My first life job was Light Corner, with La Sole as the protagonist, already an idol of all my life. Y at 7 years old I played Natalia Oreiro in a program. Imagine what it’s like for me to sing with the two of them…”.

On one side, Oreiro and Suar.  On the other, Lali and Nico Vázquez, in the comedy "Solamente vos".

On one side, Oreiro and Suar. On the other, Lali and Nico Vázquez, in the comedy “Solamente vos”.

And, after a few sighs of victory, style ‘Look mom where I got’and in front of her companions, between moved and grateful, she repeated the concept, updated to avoid the susceptibilities of others: “That is, the girl’s dream”.

The idols of Marianita

Born on October 10, 1991, she was recorded as Mariana Esposito, but shortly after her brother gave her the nickname that made her famous around the world. When her natural histrionics already marked the way for him, decided to prove himself in front of cameras.

“He came to compete, because there was a block called ‘Today I look like’in which the boys and girls imitated their favorite star”, he recalled Cecilia Carrizo last year at Los Mammones, in relation to Lali’s debut at candy and you.

For that presentation in 1998, a kind of children’s talent show, he chose the theme Change pain, an Oreiro hit. Looking back, Esposito recounted about that day: “I painted Nati’s mole, everything the same”.

And, five years later, he had to share a cast with La Sole in light corner, a creation of Cris Morena. Pastorutti’s character was called Soledad Acosta and she was traveling to Buenos Aires to unravel a mystery, but she ended up in the orphanage, the main setting of the story, where she quickly endeared herself to the children.

Among them was Malene, the character of Lali, a gurrumina who went through all the states. Almost 20 years after that first meeting, La Voz Argentina made them sit close, and at the same.

In between, this profession also gave him the chance to share a program with his other idol: in 2013, Oreiro and Lali worked together on Solo vosthe Polka strip in which one played the daughter of the character from Adrian Suarand the other, as a neighbor and in love with Juan Cousteau, the character of El Chueco.

Lali, Natalia and La Sole, a trio that adds talents.

Lali, Natalia and La Sole, a trio that adds talents.

Now, Natalia is in charge of the Argentine version of Who is the mask?by Telefe, La Sole is preparing a show for the Movistar Arena (October 29).

And the youngest of the group undertakes the tour of the Tour Discipline for Spain: on the 22nd of this month it will be in Madrid, on the 24th in Malaga, on the 25th in Barcelona and then it will continue to the rest of the world, with two stops in December at the Movistar Arena.

March 4 next year her first concert in a stadium awaits her: It will be presented at the Vélez court, with 16 of the 17 sectors for sale sold out. About to sing the 31, he says that he cannot believe it, with the same face with which he celebrated the meeting, the other night, with his two idols. It is seen that dreams sometimes come true. And sometimes they unintentionally outdo each other.

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