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Lali Espósito revolutionized Spanish TV: she cut a bottle and put together a fernet with cola liveThe artist explained the secrets of the classic Argentine drink during her visit to the El Hormiguero cycle. “This is culture,†said the host of the program

During her visit to the El Hormiguero cycle, the artist explained the secrets of the classic Argentine drink. 2This is culture”, said the host of the program

Lali Esposito He did it again and broke it on Spanish television by sharing another Argentine custom. She had already taught the singer how to prepare and drink mate to Pablo Motos, the driver of the anthill and now he taught him how to do the classic “Fernet traveler” from the previous ones.

After the end of The Argentine Voice, The actress went to the party they did to celebrate the end of the Telefe cycle and then got on a plane to Spain. Lali has a super tight schedule in the European country, where she lived for several months also for work reasons, and now she has returned to give shows and for some recordings.

As soon as she landed on Spanish soil, the interpreter of Discipline once again visited one of the most watched programs on Spanish television. The singer once again had a one-on-one with the driver of “El Hormiguero” and showed him step by step how to make a “fernet traveler”, to go to the bowling alley.

For years, the famous “traveler” has prevailed among young people to be able to have a drink on the way to the bowling alley and in line, before entering a party. To do this, an empty plastic bottle is cut in half and the edges are folded so as not to hurt yourself.

This improvised glass is filled with ice and fernet and Coca Cola are added, in a 70/30 ratio or to the liking of the person who is going to drink it. Then it is stirred and ready to drink.

“Since you are not going to take the glass to the disco, which is dangerous, take the plastic bottle,” explained the singer and then proceeded to cut the bottle with a knife.

“I want to make you Argentine, it is my goal in this life, Pablo”, Lali said with her sympathy. And then she told the step by step of how to make one of the drinks that is most drunk in Argentina, the one that Argentines who live in other parts of the world miss the most.

“As you are not going to take the glass cup to the disco, which is dangerous, take the plastic bottle”, explained the singer and then proceeded to cut the bottle with a knife and continued with the steps that did nothing but surprise the driver. “This is not done in every house in Buenos Aires, it is done like this in some neighborhoods like the one I grew up in,” she clarified with a laugh.

Finally, he gave Motos a try, who didn’t like the fernet from the start, since he didn’t become very friendly with the mate either when Lali introduced it to him.

Let’s remember that days ago, Lali Esposito was moved when announcing her first show in a stadium: “I’m going to cry!” The singer did a live on Instagram to communicate the landing of the Disciplina Tour at the Vélez Sarsfield field for the month of March.

The Tour Discipline of Lali Esposito It was a real success from minute one. The singer began her tour at Luna Park in Buenos Aires with two sold-out shows on June 23 and 24. And then he continued with his presentations: on July 9 he was in Mendoza, on July 15 in Bahía Blanca, on July 16 in Mar del Plata, on July 17 in La Plata, on July 22 in Santa Fe, on July 30 July in Córdoba, July 31 in Rosario, August 4 and 5 in Salta, August 6 in Tucumán, August 13 in Montevideo and August 18 in Río Cuarto. Finally, the current jury of The Argentine Voice He returned to the Federal Capital to perform at the Movistar Arena on August 27 but, at the request of the public, he had to add a date for December 3.

In the meantime, obviously, Lali will continue with her recitals in other parts of Latin America, in addition to continuing with her many work commitments. However, many of her fans had been haranguing her so that she would be encouraged to appear in a football stadium. And this Sunday, the singer confirmed through her Instagram account that this dream will come true on March 4 at the Vélez Sarsfield stadium.


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