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Lali Espósito premiered Disciplina, with a high-voltage video clip that stimulates the imagination

Lali Espósito premiered Disciplina, with a high-voltage video clip that stimulates the imagination

With the year 2021 almost closed, Lali surprised all his followers with an explosive trailer announcing new music. In just a few seconds, Lali managed to leave her fans speechless, and in times when the importance of being someone or something is defined on social media, #LALI2022 quickly became a trend.

It could not be otherwise, taking into account the permanent activity that the singer and actress develops and deploys in the virtual universe, in which he has a dozen million followers and followers with whom he connects to share a few seconds of dancing, the recommendation of a product or to announce the soon release of a new song.

Now, this Wednesday, January 12, after months in the studio and working on new sounds, the multifaceted Argentine artist He launched Discipline, a theme that invites you to dance and that, healthily, suggests more than it shows; the best way to activate the imagination, which in the context of the video clip, hardly finds limits in sight.

Lali Is The Almost Exclusive Protagonist Of The Video Clip, Inspired By The Berlin Raves And Choreographies That Contribute To Global Warming.  Press Photo Sony Music

Lali is the almost exclusive protagonist of the video clip, inspired by the Berlin raves and choreographies that contribute to global warming. Press Photo Sony Music

Let’s dance while the temperature rises

“Always innovative, Lali presents a single unlike anything she has done that kicks off a new stage in her musical career. Discipline It is a sexy and energetic song with a catchy beat, produced by Danno Diaz and Mauro De Tomasso,” says the press release.

And although it is not that it will change the paradigms of the audiovisual world, inspired by the Berlin raves, the video clip produced by The Movement and directed by Renderpanic presents a super strong choreography in the best party and workout style furious. Point in favor of Lali, in this area, in which she moves with enviable skill.


The rhythmic base, which calls for a friendly and by no means exclusive rave, is fertile ground for Lali to play her role as “discipliner”, who sings about marks of pleasure on the body.

For the production of the video clip, a dance floor was set up on a gigantic industrial set where Lali and a group of dancers from different genres perform an electric choreography that progressively raises the temperature of the place, until they end up exhausted on the floor.

Chains, Leather, Fur, Metal And Looks That Captivate The Senses, In Lali'S New Video Clip.  Press Photo Sony Music

Chains, leather, fur, metal and looks that captivate the senses, in Lali’s new video clip. Press Photo Sony Music

A run without a roof

Lali’s career seems to have no ceiling: it has become one of the most popular Latin pop artists, conquering millions of fans around the world, receiving awards and recognition, such as the Gardel Award for Song of the Year for his single Thief, published together with Cazzu in 2021.

Since many years, Lali also shines as an actress in movies and series among which stands out Sky Red, the Netflix series that adds to its international projection, and The end of love, adaptation of the successful book for Amazon Prime.

Day by day, Lali, who transmits remarkable security in every step she takes -and that is not published in the newsletter, but rather is what is perceived- conquers social networks and digital platforms with her multiple and successful artistic projects , as his fourth studio album, Libra, which accumulates millions of views on all platforms.

Lali Has About 10 Million Followers On Instagram, Where She Is Constantly Active.  Press Photo Sony Music

Lali has about 10 million followers on Instagram, where she is constantly active. Press Photo Sony Music


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