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Lali Esposito Animated the Gala and “The Good Boss” Was the Big Winner

Was a great favorite. “The Good Boss” by Fernando Leone d’Aranoa, starring Javier Bardem, She took home the most important prize and was the top winner at the ninth ceremony. of the Platinum Awards, which were distributed this Sunday in Madrid.

The Spanish film won awards in the categories of Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Director. maxabelThe other production with the most nominations, by Icíar Bollain, won a single but important award: Best Actress. he followed parallel momsS, by Pedro Almodovar and starring Penelope Cruz (lost to the actress) maxabel) It took home three: Best Supporting Female Performance, Original Music and Art Direction.

The best of Ibero-American cinema and audiovisual productions were centered at the IFEMA Municipal Palace in Madrid, during a dazzling gala hosted by Lali Esposito and Spanish actor Miguel ngel Muoz. and the red carpet was Oscar level. With Bardem and Guillermo Francella (who was Filtered from the seat, as part of the show).

Director Fernando Leon de Aranoa received the Best Film award for "The Good Boss".  photo ef

Director Fernando Leon de Aranoa received the Best Film award for “The Good Boss”. photo ef

“The character in this film is more than I could have imagined,” Bardem said with thunderous applause as he took to the stage to thank the director and dedicate the award to his late mother on Mother’s Day in that country.

Argentina was devastated in the midst of such a Spanish party.

Best Mini-Series or TV Series went to Pratima Empire, The police political thriller of an evangelical pastor, with Diego Peretti, Chino Darin, Mercedes Moran and Nancy Duplass, has already confirmed Season 2 on Netflix. It was the most nominated in the history of these awards. compete with isabelle, Luis Miguel: SeriesYou Narcos: Mexico,

The prize “we want to give it to the public, which was not only entertained by ‘El Reno’, but also went to debate on the issues: who sends us, why ultra-Orthodox parties unite with churches.” Are rights, especially for women and dissent, to be restricted?” Said Claudia Pinero, writer who served as screenwriter.

Argentine fans are celebrating

However, the Argentine talent didn’t get all the recognition this Sunday. Empire, Of course, captained the best idols. And there was a celebration.

Javier Bardem received the Best Actor Award for "El Buen Patron".  photo ef

Javier Bardem received the Best Actor Award for “El Buen Patron”. photo ef

He joins what Mercedes Moran won on Saturday, when it was announced that she had been chosen by the public as Best Leading Actress in a Mini-Series or TV Series, for the very solid couple of evangelical pastors who played Peretti; And of the series itself, which was also awarded Audience Platinum.

but Darin Sugar, which was nominated for lead actor for his work as the boyfriend of the shepherd’s daughter, Javier lost to the camera. And Mercedes Moran lost to Daniela Ramirez.

Nancy Dupala Among those selected for supporting actress, for her role as the committed prosecutor who digs into the series’ early death. But for Alicia Sierra, the award went to Najwa Nimri, the “bad cop” of the third season of La Casa de Papel.

Joaquin FurielPastor’s Machine Campaign Manager, won Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries.

series producer, Pinero and director Marcelo PinerosThey won too. He competed with Alejandro Amenabar for La Fortuna; Juan Jose Campanella, for messanger And for Pepe Koira Iron,

Argentina added another golden opportunity with i girl i princess, the film about the story of Luana, the world’s first trans girl who received her DNI according to her gender self-perception. Federico Palazzo’s film was nominated in the Film and Values ​​Education Award category. But the Mexican movie won WolvesA love letter, in film format, to a mother to thank.

La China Suárez, who in addition to acting now debuted in music, presented the award for Best Supporting Performance in a Miniseries; And Cecilia Roth was also present.


This year was not accompanied by the opening video. Spanish singer Nia opens the ceremony with life is a partyTribute to dear Celia Cruz.

Later, a gala ensued that allowed us to witness the joy and disillusionment of celebrities without masks. Just a few days ago, Spain removed the obligation to wear “masks” in closed places and, for example, Actress Carmen Moura (who received an Honorary Platinum)He himself was not to be one and a half meters away from Bardem, because now there is no need for social distancing.

One of the great moments of the gala: Carmen Moura received the Honor Award.  photo ef

One of the great moments of the gala: Carmen Moura received the Honor Award. photo ef

bugle Found that the pandemic is already a sight in Madrid. From habits—such as the return of Spanish greetings with two kisses—, the bare faces of masks and the climate of tapas, rations, disciple (this is what they call draft beer) in the neighborhood of Plaza Mayor or Las Letras.

then no pandemic restrictions, and with the advent of More than 100 accredited journalists for PlatinumThese days only good cinema and best series were talked about in the capital of Spain.

A moment from Lali Esposito's performance at the Platino Awards ceremony.  photo ef

A moment from Lali Esposito’s performance at the Platino Awards ceremony. photo ef

The humor started with Lali. “You’re more Spanish than Cibeles,” Muoz tells him, referring to the mythical class that appears in almost all the films recorded in Madrid. Argentine wearing a black latex dress just finished Season 3’s Rosaday sky redWhich meant 5 months of residence in this European capital.

The first prize had an Argentinian accent. For the Ibero-American Opera Prima Category. won it attendantCo-production of Our Country, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Norway, by director Carlos Felix.

Best Supporting Performance was the next statuette and the men’s and women’s categories were combined. Alfredo Castro won, for attendantHer second Platinum and second Film Around, and Aitana Sánchez-Gijon for parallel moms (He beat out his teammates, Amor and Milena Smit, in the film). Shortly thereafter, the pairing of Kanye Garcia and Roslain, who performed their new song, revived the party atmosphere.

Of Fernando Leone d’Arnoa won the Best Screenplay nice patternwho is also the director of that film, Thus, it was already beating that the favorite was about to have a great night.

On another level, he was serious, a celebration of this level in Europe, could not miss the context of the Russo-Ukrainian War. lvaro Morte, actor who plays Professor the money heistAnd Carla de Souza, the Mexican, was asking actresses and actors to look under the seats.

In the end “there was a technical glitch,” Morte said, but the message was far from perfect: With blue and yellow paper, they formed a giant Ukrainian flag.

parallel moms It won an award in the art direction category at the hands of Antaxon Gomez.

How could it be otherwise, Lali—who is already like “Argenti” Rosalia—abandoned her role. host And totally arrived in a jumpsuit, also latex but red, to her song Beat, Dicipline. “Argentina in the house!”, he finally shouted.

In both our countries it was a festival that tango was also there. It was just before the end, when he announced the Platinum for Best Picture for El Buen Patrón, the labor satire that took everything, on May 1.

All Winners of Platinum Awards 2022

best fiction film

good boss

parallel moms


fire night

best direction

Fernando Leon de Arnoa

ikeaar boulain

Pedro Almodovaro

tatiana hugo

best male performance

edward fernandez

Javier Bardem

Louis Tosari

Rodrigo Santoro

Best Female Performance

Angela Molina

white portillo

iles salasso

penelope cruz

Best Supporting Male Performance

Alfredo Castro

Christian Malheroso

manolo solo urko olazabali

Best Supporting Female Performance

Aitana Sanchez-Gijono

almudena love

Ana Cristina Ordonez Gonzalez

Milena Smith

Best Motion Picture Miniseries or Television Series



Luis Miguel: The Narcos: Mexico Series

best animated film

Anbo, Amazon Warrior

Bob Kuspe: We don’t like people

Save Trees (Zootik!)

the lover

Best Screenplay

abner benaim

Fernando Leon de Arnoa

Henrique dos Santos, Eli Muritibas

Iciar Boleyn, Isa Campo

best documentary film

100 Days With Auntie

till the last forest

who stops it

Rita Moreno: Just a girl who decided to go for it

best first fiction film

Clara alone



no special signs

best mounting direction

Germano de Oliveira, for 7 prisoners

Best Producer of a Miniseries or TV Series

alejandro amenabari

John Joseph Campanella

Marcelo Pinero, Claudia Pinero

Pepe Koira

Best Supporting Male Performance in a Miniseries or TV Series

Albert St. John

Enrique Auquer

Joaquin Furiel

carra alejalde

best sound direction

Carlos Garcia

Ivan Marin, Pelayo Gutierrez, Valeria Arciri for Parallel Mothers

lia camargo

Best Male Performance in a Miniseries or TV Series

Darin Sugar

dario grandinetti

diego seeding

Xavier Camera

Best Female Performance in a Miniseries or TV Series

candela pena

Daniela Ramirez

maribel verdu

mercedes moran

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