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Lagunero rapper Mime 871 releases this Friday his third album ‘When you look at the abyss’

The Lagunero singer-songwriter, Mime 871, has become one of the main champions of hip hip, not only in the region but throughout the country, since in a short time it has made important collaborations.

Currently promotes his third album under the title “When you look at the abyss”to which make up 18 songswhich will be released this Friday, September 16, both on all digital and physical platformsThis was announced at a press conference.

“We are going hard with the promotion of this new album, and I am looking for a tour with other colleagues, both here in Mexico and in other countries, I love South American rap, and I would like a musical collaboration with someone from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, turn it into something international and place Mexico in that league,” explained the designer.

Carlos Saldaña, his real name, confessed that he loves recording at home, since he enjoys technical and creative control more.

“In this album I face everything I’ve done, I advanced much more, dilute what doesn’t work, you never stop learning, this album is stricter in terms of the sound of rap,” he explained.

when questioning himwhat would be your next ambition answered, “I played with hard emotions, stuck feelings, I don’t want to pigeonhole myself into what, he’s a rapper who always talks about his problems, I want to go back to my beginnings, make songs that make you feel good, that people don’t take the role of offended, but of the one who is offending”.

He is also a producer assured that his musical style defines him as from the soul“many offer a party, dance, and it is valid, I am concerned about reflecting what I do with my work, because I am a very cultural artist.”

Mime has several years of experience, and For those who are just starting out on this path, he recommends that they never stop having fun, since he does not see this profession as a job, but rather as a passion.

“In all this time I have searched for a brand, a peculiar tone, as well as security with which you say things, I have worked hard to promote this album, since at the moment there are many fish in the sea and you have to touch the louder tambourine so that they turn around to see you,” he detailed.

Over time, he has discovered that if something bad happens to someone, he either puts up with it or looks for a way to get out of it.

“I had a negative mind, and being able to say it is a lot of progress, you have to reflect ingeniously and remain firm on the path you are treading.”

He affirms that there is a lack of support for this rap culture, since there are many people who rap but not those who move it.

“Managers are missing, it would be cool if there was a generation that works to make rap work and take off more than necessary.”

Finally, he thanked the support that they have given him throughout his musical career, he hopes that you enjoy his new creations this September 16 on all digital platforms and that they are to your liking.


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