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Lagunero rapper ‘Caporal’ will perform in Mexico City

Together with the best exponents that gave identity to hip hop in the Mexican Republic, On August 20, the singer from La Laguna, Caporal, will perform in the capital of the country. in a Closing Scenario presented by Anahuak Zulu together with Sociedad Café.

The concert will be held free of charge in the Miguel Hidalgo delegation and about his participation it is the singer himself who pointed out, It will be an honor to perform alongside singers like Ana Mc, Teokalli, Zur 7 and Yak-Mag.

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“This meeting will be on August 20 in Mexico City and it is together with some old school rappers called Sociedad Café, it is a very emblematic group, one of the first to emerge in Mexico and with one of the first female rappers that Her name is Ana Mc, who is one of the pioneers of the genre in the 1990s”.

Caporal was the only exponent of the Comarca Lagunera invited to this forum because the rapprochement with these groups occurred after they coincided in conventions that were held virtually in the midst of the health crisis that was experienced in the face of the covid-19 pandemic. The convening organization was Universal Zulu Nation.

Zulu Nation is a global organization that was born in 1976, and was formed by one of the icons of hip hop called Africa Bambata, then the purpose of this organization is to try to mediate the problems between the crew, the gangs or the Mcs, and also the organization is dedicated to carrying out altruistic work all through or through hip hopwhich is the banner of the organization.

“In this case, these guys are like a branch, the representatives from here in Mexico and their base is in Mexico City; at the national level it is the only place where the Zulu Nation is anchored, and those who lead the movement have to go through certain tests or requirements, tests of knowledge about hip hop in general. The meeting will be in Miguel Hidalgo, in Tlalpan and starts at half past four in the afternoon.

Regarding personal projects, he said that he was invited to Ciudad Juárez to carry out a collaboration with Jefone, who raises a Hip Hop flag for Peace, a project that he carries out in collaboration with the city council for which they have scheduled a concert with the killer rapper, considered the best exponent of freestyle. “They invited me to participate and even to be part of the organization for next weekend and right now we are checking that to see if we schedule to attend.

“As for the album that we have been producing here, The Protocols of the Wise Men of Hip Hop is already ready, and the long album is going to take a long time because we have collaborations with rappers from the United States and Spain.”


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