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Lagunero creates ‘Pepperland 98.7’, a free app to enjoy the music of The Beatles

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For all the faithful fans of The Beatlesthe lagoon and beatle fan, Ricardo Favela Cisneroshas created so free an interesting appin which music from the Liverpool quartet is broadcast 24 hours a dayas he revealed in an interview for MILLENNIUM.

The beatle fan explained that “it is Pepperland 98.7, a totally free application, it does not require a subscription, it has no cost, no advertising and its music is available 24 hours a day, all you have to do is download it.”

Ricardo Favela Cisneros has a radio program on UAL frequencythrough which it spreads the history, anecdotes, music, instruments and discography of the group. He pointed out that, “we also talk about the generation, about the historical, social, political and cultural events, about what was happening at that time, as an understanding of that decade and always justifying why The Beatles are one of the best bands, How do we do it? Well, with all this information, discography, bibliography and in this way we seek to share it with the fans by opening spaces”.

He also said that, “something very important is that very little data is used, in case you use it with your phone or the internet and the application is very light, it downloads super fast, it has many advantages and best of all, it is free. ”.

All those interested in downloading it will be able to enjoy a diverse program, The Beatles in their stage as a group and after their disintegration.

The lover of the Liverpool quartet commented that, “there is a lot of diversity in terms of music, there is already a defined program, but there are contact lines, in case someone wants to talk with us, they can do it there through Facebook, YouTube,Instagram, WhatsApp or our website.

Ricardo Favela, who is a systems engineer and was as 18-year-old announcer on the radio program Sargento Pimienta, ensures that decided to create this application for the only taste he feels for The Beatles and because of his profession, so did not hesitate to make this synergy for the love of art.

He pointed out that it was in October 2021 when he decided to create it“I have been trying to spread it on social networks and I am very grateful to MILLENNIUM for supporting me to do it, because it is a non-profit application, it is totally free, it has no commercials, nor does it ask you to subscribe to anything, anyone can easily download it. The idea to grow this project is to later add a selection where people can listen to more news such as a historical broadcast”.

He pointed out that, “it is something very complete, there are also capsules, music, all this work we do so that they listen to lyrics, we have a very varied program, we want to extend it a little more, we have invited people from many places to collaborate with us” .

They are close to presenting a daily programsomewhat more formal, but for now the music is constant. Ricardo Favela commented that, “I think that if you know a lot or if you really like their music, you have to share it, especially with young people, who are currently searching for new genres, spaces and it is good that they go a little to the past, just as we now have a lot of Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley movies, it’s also good for understanding current music.”

Favela Cisneros confessed that he is also a musician and recognizes that all this about The Beatles is really crazy. The broadcaster and systems engineer pointed out that, “on the engineering side I have done this, my application, my website, I am a broadcaster and a musician, I play his melodies, I have organized trips to see Paul, everything around The Beatles and everything has been free, I’ve been doing this for almost 19 years”.

Currently is preparing the return of the group that had already been formed in 2005but they decided to suspend it for a while and now They are looking for a new name. The announcer commented, “we were like Revolver, but we are already seeing another name, the intention is to play in familiar places, theaters and squares”.

fan since childhood

He remembered that since he was 12 years old he became a fan of the british band and even though his mom liked it, he really started to get interested listening to them on the street. Ricardo Favela said that, “I passed by where they sold records and every day they played their music, I asked who they were, they told me who it was and I started buying their music.”

The engineer and announcer tells with a large collection of objects from the famous group, including records, magazines, posters, dolls and even instruments. He announced that in December they will hold a festival in tribute to The Beatles and plan to join the music video area to spread it.


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