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Lagoon musical group ‘La Bandera SP’, will open concert to Caliber 50 in Costa Rica

With the flag of San Pedro and the Laguna well placedthe musical group from San Pedro, Coahuila, “La Bandera SP”, with their sierreño genre, fulfill a great dream of showing their music and talent outside the country.

This Saturday September 10 will be presented in Costa Rica where they will open a concert for Caliber 50.

Rigoberto Chavarría Delgado, 22 years old, Leonardo Ulloa May, 21 years old, Aldair Axel Saucedo Martínez, 19 years old, Ángel David Segura Madrid, 16 years old and Fred Sánchez Cárdenas, 17 years old, are the members of this group.

They point out that previously they had already left Mexico, to Europe, although they did so with their previous name, that they had to leave because of a problem with the registrybut now, as La Bandera SP, seek to consolidate inside and outside the country.

Thursday afternoonthe young people left the Main Square of San Pedro, Coahuila, towards the city of Monterrey, from there they would fly to Mexico City to leave for their destinationCosta Rica where this Saturday they will perform opening stage to 50 caliber.

It should be noted that San Pedro, Coahuila is a land of great talents, in different fields such as sports and music, and therefore La Bandera SP wants to fly high so that San Pedro, Coahuila sounds throughout the world.


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