Home Entertainment Lady you The day he decided to divorce, according to Spencer

Lady you The day he decided to divorce, according to Spencer

lady di spencer

MEXICO.- The Life of Lady Di (1961-1997) Some time ago it no longer belonged to reality, but to a kind of game where whoever wants removes or adds unconfirmed facts whenever possible.

director Paul LarrainHe wants to emulate that for his ninth film, Spencer (2021). Jackie’s success (2016). However, instead of reaching out to writer Noah Oppenheim, who was conducting an intense investigation into JFK’s wife following his assassination, he reached out to the screenwriter Steve Knight.

And Jackie’s sudden widowhood isn’t the same The reason Diana Spencer (Kristen Stewart) divorced Prince Charles (Jack Farthing). Spencer speculates about what happened between Diana and her in-laws on Christmas 1991.

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Larraín films with the camera in the plan of sinister mirror that reveals a “reality” to Diana full of longed-for similarities. As the daughter of the eighth Earl of Spencer, however, she would not be aware of this.

The character shines through the performance of Stewart, On the way to the Oscars. Thanks to its vigorous and intricate portrayal, the plot’s flaws are hidden. But the real Diana is not confirmed: the thesis confirms the opinions of her political family.

Larraín stages this schematic fantasy about a woman’s documented pivotal moment that is more complex than meets the eye. Like the tabloids, she is not interested in the truth but in the myth of the most profitable icon of the Windsor dynasty. And this unhappy marriage resembles the song by José Alfredo Jiménez, “Amarga Navidad”.

Text by El Universal.

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