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Lady Gaga will star in ‘Joker: Folie à deux’ alongside Joaquin Phoenix

Lady Gaga to star in ‘Joker: Folie à deux’ alongside Joaquin Phoenix REUTERS/Henry Nicholls TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

After weeks of speculation claiming that Lady Gaga would join the DC Universe with the interpretation of the next harley quinn in the sequel to Joker (2019), Various reports have confirmed the participation of the well-known American singer.

It was during the first week of August when the site Entertainment Tonight confirmed to the interpreter of The House of Gucci or A Star Is Born will star in the 2019 sequel to the antagonist of Batman in the comics of DC with Joaquin Phoenix, Joker: Folie a deux.

The important entertainment site did not delve into details about the character that the hit singer will play as Bad Romance, Always remember us this way, Poker Face and several more, will star in the role of the right hand of the joker, Harley Quinn.

The sequel to joke will represent for Lady Gaga continue expanding her career as an actress after participating in House of Gucciin 2021, and his Oscar-nominated role for his collaboration with Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Bornfrom 2018.

Warner Bros announced at the end of June the full title of the sequel to joker along with the release date of October 4, 2024, exactly five years after the release date of the original, which grossed over a billion dollars at the box office and earned Phoenix the consecration of a Oscar in the “Best Actor” category.

The main plot of the second installment of joker has not yet come to light, however, various sources recently reported that it will be based on the musical genre and, therefore, it would not be surprising that Lady Gaga is involved in a project of this type, since she is considered one of the great voices of the last decade, as well as for her role as Ally in her histrionic debut in A Star Is Born (2018).

For his portrayal of the Joker, the actor of Puerto Rican origin won the Oscar for "Best Actor" Photo: Instagram/@Joker
For his portrayal of the Joker, the actor of Puerto Rican origin won the Oscar for “Best Actor” Photo: Instagram/@Joker

It should be noted that Todd Phillips was listed along with Scott Silver as one of the main producers of the first of the first installment of the jokerso he is no stranger to the work of the 36-year-old producer who will play the criminal queen of Gotham City and, which, within the comics of DC She is one of the main antagonists of the Dark Knight.

In this context, it is important to mention that recently in a publication on social networks, Todd Phillips had already revealed the actor of Puerto Rican origin, reading the script for the film in which he will star, although he did not confirm exactly when filming would begin.

The origin of harley quinn in the comics, revealed in Batman:Harley Quinn Within the saga “Nobody’s Land” (1999), it is an adaptation of its origin in the graphic novel Mad Love. Since then he has been a recurring character in the Batman stories and was even given his own series.

Kaley Cuoco gave voice to Harley Quinn in her series for HBO MAX (HBO Max)
Kaley Cuoco gave voice to Harley Quinn in her series for HBO MAX (HBO Max)

On the other hand, the interpretation of Gaga as the famous villain of DC Comicswould be the third current image of the paper. margot robbie played Harley in Suicide Squad and Birds of Preywhile Kaley Cuoco gave voice to the legendary character in the animated series of hbo max, harley quinn.

The animated character of harley quinn has been characterized for more than 30 years since its creation by wearing a red and black jester (or harlequin) costume that she herself stole from a costume shop, although in series such as batman the suit was made by joker and her hairstyle has always been two pigtails, one red and one black.


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