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La Voz, more than a challenge, was total inspiration: Iván Black, singer-songwriter from La Laguna

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“For me, La Voz, more than a challenge, was a boost of inspiration, it made me feel that people really like the way I sing and what I sing, it made me feel more secure, and my self-esteem, which was on the ground, managed to rise “, he assured in an interview for MILLENNIUM the singer-songwriter and communicologist Iván Floresbetter known in the art world as Ivan Black.

Originally from Francisco I. Madero, Coahuila, Iván has lived in Torreón for more than 10 yearsand ensured that As a child he did not like to sing because he did not even know that he sangbut his mom loved listening to him and put it to delight the guests at family parties.

“Actually I studied Communication Sciences at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the UAdeC, because I have always liked to prepare myself, I am very curious, I love reading and knowing many things, and in some way you also make your friends happy. parents and yourself, my mother passed away 20 years ago, but I kept her, and as a teenager I began to take a liking to the song”.

The artist, who he learned to play the guitar at the age of 13 when he was part of the rondalla in high schoolrecognized that it was somewhat tiring to combine both professionsas he did not stop singing to pay for his career.

When he turned 15, he was part of a gang of adults called Mano Helada.“we played songs by The Beatles and Creedence and that’s how I learned”.

He ventured into the world of journalism for some time, since he was hired to write for some newspapers and magazines.

“About ten or eleven years ago I was a reporter here at MILENIO, but with the arrival of insecurity we had a very dark time and very dark events, and I decided to give up this activity, but it was a very cool experience, incredible, I enjoyed it a lot “.

professionally he began to sing along with his university studies“I came up with the idea of ​​buying a guitar and playing in bars, and so I made the decision to dedicate myself to singing, I played rock in Spanish and English, there were people who liked it and others didn’t, I think it’s my strength and my I like this genre.”

As time passed people asked him for more versatility in his repertoireso he had to learn other genres.

“From small bars I went to bigger ones, I opened shows for Rogelio Ramos, for a while I went to fill in for Mayela and Edner, then I went to the now defunct Rincón Bohemio bar and there I started more as a soloist accompanied by my guitar, and That was my growth step.”

Before deciding to record his first album “Indifferent”, in which he included unreleased songs and the hit “Wind” by Tropicalissimo Apache very in his style, yesand dedicated himself to teaching and formed a small academy.

“I was only with her for about a year, reinventing myself and I said, besides teaching, I learn too, I recorded my album and later I dedicated myself to doing concerts with my own material, without paying royalties, and they began to invite me to open concerts for Ha* Ash, Coda, Enjambre, Genitallica, among others”.

When asked how decided to knock on doors in the reality show La Vozhe related, “last year my dad died and I was devastated, he hit me hard, he saw me in my last massive presentation, it was in the final of Santos-Cruz Azul, after a week he died, and I began to receive messages from the castings, I really didn’t want to, suddenly, a little voice told me ‘do it’, sometimes I think they were the ones who encouraged me and I started casting, I sent videos and all the material and they told me that I stayed in La Voz “.

Owner of a very peculiar voice, Iván decided to leave everything to try his luck in this opportunity that life offered himthe day of the audition he participated with the theme “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?”and although for a moment it crossed his mind that no chair would turn overHe was relieved to see the Ha*Ash dancing in front of him while he sang.

“When they pressed the button I felt relieved, I said, if I don’t have a chance, but to get here there were thousands, and the good thing was that I got rid of many fears and a lot of ego, because imagine, in 2020 a little boy from 16 years old won it, from here in my city, and then I go and I am supposed to have the experience, arrive and not be chosen, I said, this is so that they see me and so that people see what I can do, yes He didn’t win, that’s fine, but I want them to see the potential there is.”

Subsequently Knockouts time has comewhere he would face new challenges.

“I had to sing with a great friend, Gloria Delgado who is an incredible interpreter of soul, I saw her and told everyone, guys it was a pleasure to meet you, I said goodbye to them, because I told them I’m going to play with Lola and I was done, I did everything I had to do with my song, it was ‘Addicted to love’ by Robert Palmer, it’s not very well known, but they liked my performance, Bisbal told me that I sang it with a lot of control”.

Flores managed to make a good dumbbell with the Ha*Ash and although lost the knockout with Gloriafelt blessed to be robbed by Joss Favela.

“He was a little stricter, but cool because the vato is a musician, and he knows, and in my song in the battles, he told me that he needed me to connect more, feel the song more, and I said, it’s true, sometimes one it focuses more on the technical stuff, and making the voice shine, and it doesn’t connect with the inside, or what it wants to get out of.”

shared that his participation in The Voicewhere there is enough discipline, left you a pleasant experience.

“Now that I arrived, I feel that I am no longer the same, I am not the vato who sings nothing else, I am the artist, the experience is very useful to you, I went with another idea of ​​myself, I felt old, and I even got thinner, I felt much better, I found myself.”

The lagoon artist, who He has composed songs for Julión Álvarez, Wences Romo, Terregal Norteño, among other artists and groups nationwide.said his musical career will continue from strength to strengthsince he will continue recording some singles along with videos, which he will announce very soon, he will also work on concerts that he already has scheduled inside and outside the Comarca Lagunera.

“Thank you very much for the support, it feels great to be recognized on the street, and to recognize the work that has been done for many years, I will always be grateful and looking for a way that people have a great time with me music, or interpreting the music of others, but with my own style”.


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