La Rosa de Guadalupe: Premiere episode “The Stripper” What is it about? (Video)

El stripper capítulo de la Rosa de Guadalupe

A chapter of the popular show La Rosa de Guadalupe has provoked reactions and comments.

MEXICO.- The Guadalupe’s rose remains one of the programs broadcast television who managed to catch the attention of viewers his storieswhich are according to their manufacturers a reflection of current problems to Mexican society.

However, the chapters turn out to be so entertaining that they end up going viral. Such is the case with the episode titled “the stripper’, which deals with the sacrifice of a father for his children.

La Rosa de Guadalupe: Is it about “The Stripper”?

The much discussed chapter by Lto Rose of Guadalupe, shows us ‘Patrick’, a young man who is father of a child that he needs an urgent operation because if he doesn’t do it he could die. Due to the need to get money, the protagonist is forced to do it work as a dancer.

The Televisa broadcast detailed that “Patrick” is a model, but he doesn’t make enough money from this job, so in desperation he “Patrick’ becomes “The Stripper”

The Troubles of The Stripper

This is also shown in the program of La Rosa de Guadalupe “The Stripper” has to do with customers who love each other mess with himlike ‘Jovita’ and ‘Wizard’, women who, in addition to contracting, offer sexual relations for more money.

However, “Patrick” assures them that he doesn’t prostitute himself, just dances. The young man’s refusal provokes the wrath of the women, who will be looking for a way blackmail the stringr to convince him.

“Jovita” and “Mago” will complicate the life of Patrick, who is accused of infidelity because of women by his wife Romina, but she will see the miracle of truth Thanks to La Rosa de Guadalupeand ‘Patrick’ will be able to explain the misunderstanding that has arisen and save his son’s life.

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