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La Renga suspended its shows in Tecnópolis and announced dates in Baradero, Rosario and Uruguay

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La Renga officially announced the suspension of their shows on August 20 and 27 in Tecnópolis, after the authorities informed them that “the conditions are not met” for the performances.

At the same time, the band announced new concerts in Baradero, Rosario and Uruguay.

“Today, Tecnópolis informed us that the conditions are not given, according to them, to hold the banquets on that property as planned,” said the brief statement released on Twitter.

Chizzo Nápoli, singer and guitarist and La Renga.  Photo: Juan Jose Garcia

Chizzo Nápoli, singer and guitarist and La Renga. Photo: Juan Jose Garcia

“See you in Baradero on August 27, Rosario on September 24 and Uruguay on October 8,” added the text of the band from Mataderos, without specifying in which Charrúa city the invitation will take place.

The controversy

La Renga in Hurricane, 2017. Photo: Federico Lopez Claro.

La Renga in Hurricane, 2017. Photo: Federico Lopez Claro.

The dates at the Vicente López property were already in doubt for a few weeks, after its producers denounced “censorship” and “discrimination” by that municipality.

La Renga had aimed at the “intentionally caused administrative delay” by the authorities of that commune and warned that it will exhaust “all possible instances” to obtain the authorizations for the shows on August 20 and 27 at the Tecnópolis site.

“Due to the administrative delay in the delivery of the prior permit intentionally caused by the Municipality of Vicente López, failing to comply with all the deadlines set forth in its regulations, we were forced for this reason to postpone the sale,” the group accused through their social networks.

Through a brief message, which closes with a phrase from the song Arrow in the Key (“I’m pointing you with a song”), the group questioned the municipality for “breaking” its own “rules”: “We as a band cannot break the rules that they themselves break, but much less harm our people. See you on August 20 and 27 at Tecnopolis!”.

In this regard, the producers José Palazzo and Eduardo Sempé, in charge of the production of these presentations, yesterday accused the authorities of the municipality led by Mayor Soledad Martínez (PRO) of committing “an intentional, discriminatory and censorious act” against La Renga for delaying the qualifications.


The Renga.  Photo: Federico López Claro.

The Renga. Photo: Federico López Claro.

In dialogue with the agency Télam at that time, Sempé -in charge of the production company SyE productions- maintained that formal proceedings began on July 4 with the delivery of all the documentation required by the regulations of the municipality and that they also provided “a statement from the authorities of Tecnópolis” confirming the dates.

“There was a face-to-face meeting in which they told us that they were not going to give us the permits. We asked them to answer us in writing and they did not; we presented an appeal for ‘prompt dispatch’ and neither did they. And now they tell us that they sent us a note to our home, but nothing arrived,” he added.

The Argentine Association of Theatrical and Musical Entrepreneurs had expressed “concern about the decision of the Municipality of Vicente López not to grant the request presented for the performance of La Renga’s shows, scheduled for August 20 and 27, 2022 at the Tecnópolis Predio “.


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