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La La Anthony talks ‘incredibly difficult decision’ to divorce Carmelo Anthony and find love again

La La Anthony talks 'incredibly difficult decision' to divorce Carmelo Anthony and find love again

The former 'Power' star opens up in an interview for THR's series, 'Emerging Hollywood.'

La La Anthony is thinking about her divorce from Carmelo Anthony and her romantic future. bmf The star sat down with Charlemagne Tha God as part of a revealing interview Hollywood Reporterchain of, Emerging HollywoodWhere he reflected on his career, life and love.

Power The actress filed for divorce from husband Carmelo in June citing irreconcilable differences after 11 years of marriage. The pair split for the second time in recent years; They previously split in 2017 amid rumors of infidelity, but appeared to have reconciled in 2018. The two share a child together, 15-year-old Kian.

Recounting the trials of their relationship, La La admitted that it was “a lot of pressure” to be in a high-profile relationship for so long. “When it’s good, it’s good. And when it’s bad, it’s bad,” she said. “Because when it’s bad, everyone has something to say about it… I went into it because this is someone I used to love. I was moving on from love. Wasn’t moving forward.”

Although she admits that many people have asked her what she expects of marrying the basketball star, the former MTV VJ said she “didn’t think it was going to happen.”

“So, it happened, and it was a learning experience, and it’s just one more chapter in my life that I can learn from,” she said, noting that she may never regret the difficult chapters of her marriage. Because it gave him “my greatest gift, which was my son.”

La La Anthony and Kylian Anthony at the 3rd Annual Winter Wonderland Holiday Charity Event
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The actress admitted that filing for divorce was “an incredibly difficult decision,” but the choice made her feel that “there’s nothing I can’t do.” She argued that being comfortable in a relationship for a long time is easier than walking away from it, no matter how bad the circumstances. “Walking on my own and trying to rebuild a life by myself… I was with him when he was 19, that’s all I know,” she continued. “To move away from him and try to make a life of his own and still maintain his sanity and keep things normal for his son who only knew his mother and his father together – it was not an easy decision, But I had to make a decision for myself. So now it’s like, Wow, if I could do this, I could do anything.”

Now, the two are happily co-parenting, shared the actress. “We want to be a great example to our son. We have open conversations with him. We tell him, ‘You are made out of love,'” she said. “We’re still a family and we do things together. I don’t want my son to look at his parents like they weren’t there. He’s looking to us as an example.”

“I don’t want him to have a bad relationship. I just want him to be better when it comes to it,” she said. “The thing that makes me sad the most is that from what I saw I wanted to be a better example to my son and not necessarily because I did. It’s not my fault, but I wanted it to be his To be different. He got to an age where he was watching and reading everything. And the fact that I couldn’t necessarily protect him from him still hurts, but I can do it in other ways. I try to fill it with you, just by being open with him and still showing him the status of a loving domestic co-parenting.”

And while she may feel sad, La La made sure to say she wasn’t ashamed. She declared, “I’ve never been ashamed because I didn’t do anything. It wasn’t my burden.” “I was sad that he had to go through it. I had to go through it in public and still wear a smile… but I knew I had to – what was I supposed to do? Die? Make me myself was and continue to live. I have a lot to live for. I wasn’t going to let it destroy me. But there were moments when you felt like, ‘How am I going to bounce back after this?’ It’s tough.”

As for their romantic future, La La stated that he hopes to one day find love again, but revealed that he is not “most confident about it”.

“Sometimes I’m like, maybe that’s not in the cards for me. Maybe having an incredible son and an incredible career is like — it’s for me, you know?” he said. “I certainly pray that this will happen, but I’m also in a place where even if it doesn’t, I’ll still have fun. I have great friends. I have a good family. I don’t have a shortage.” . I would love it. But it’s okay, it’s thin pickings. It’s hard to trust when you’re injured in a sense… but I’m in therapy. I’m dealing with my stuff, and finding me Would love to have fun and do fun things with a partner I can count on.”

ET spoke with the actress and TV personality at the star-studded launch party to celebrate her first, size-inclusive collection pretty little thingWhere he opened up about starting a new chapter in the new year.

“I’m really all about self-love and taking care of myself. Obviously, my son, Kian, 14, in high school, he’s my priority, but I’m really just about tapping into me. I am and do what I like and do what I like,” she shared. “It’s always been about everyone but me and this year I want to make it a little bit about myself.”

And when it comes to new romances in 2022, La La said fearlessly, “We’ll see what happens.” But she shared what she’s looking for in a partner, adding that she wants someone to have fun with, laugh with and have a good time with, and someone who is “calm and Easy because that’s my personality.”

But she certainly won’t take the help of her son, whom she said is a bad wingman because he’s “too protective.”

“No one can come next to me when my son is around!” he shared.

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