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La Joaqui returns with everything including a refurbishment and musical changes

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Singer, actress, musician and writer, Joaquinha Lerena’s alter ego doesn’t stop launching new musical productions. In May, La Joaqui released the song. 38 with Kenji and May Crazy, and in June mission 08 With DJ and Producer Alan Gomez.

Earlier, in the summer, La Joaqui Sangue pika size letter with El Noba, and in February very With juicy bae. Plus, it stood out at the Lollapalooza Argentina 2022 festival

They are the last works by an artist who released her debut single in 2013, the year she was a semifinalist at Red Bull Batala, the first Argentine to reach that stage and a cult figure on the freestyle scene since then.

La Joaqui in the video for "Mission 08".

La Joaqui in the video for “Mission 08”.

But she was always restless, so she moved from rap to trap and then into acting, standing out in 2017 as La Mecha, Diosito’s girlfriend on the series. outer edge, Shortly after he was the protagonist in another production: chicken day,

Back to music from times of pandemic, La Joaqui now has theme as a hit Mission 08, Which has been viewed more than 1.7 million times on YouTube. Thus, she is the first to call for the turio genre, a sub-genre of Argentine urban music, such as rkt, malientio and cumbiatón.

Planning to release many songs in a row

According to him, Coffee in Hand, “My idea is to be able to keep the consistency of being able to release one new song per week, a plan that’s still taking shape. It gives freedom that with a few be able to release. style and then be able to turn straight to something else, without you leaving or that one thing going out of style until you do another. Let everything flow and longer duration Don’t try to program everything in. In the end, emotions are catharsis and this is what one feels in an instant, and one grows and changes and thinks and modifies”.



-It’s not a thing.

-gross. So I want to do project and start working like this.

– What else do you want to show, what’s coming?

-Now it’s all RKT, which is a danceable and bowling sound, like to have a little fun. And then I want to put something completely different that I’ve already half assembled, but I want to wait for it to come out so that it produces a nice, stunning effect.

La Joaqui in the video for "Mission 08"

La Joaqui in the video for “Mission 08”

– When did you do “Mission 08”? The video looks blockbuster.

-Three months ago. It turned out great and I really liked it. I’ve wanted to do this for a while with Alan Gomez, who apart from being a producer, is also a DJ. I wanted to make it that way, working from scratch, as if it were a remixed song. The RKT sound is something I dare call a DJ’s voice, because he created it, mixing and remixing other things.

come back with everything



-Has the pandemic changed your plans in terms of moving or delaying projects?

– It worked in my favor as I had put my career off for many years and I wanted to completely renew my profile and do something different. I’ve been making music since I was 15, so it’s not like I’ve changed, but I’ve grown and I like other things, other tastes, other interests, other ideas. I have further defined my ideologies and what I believe in. So I wanted to be able to create from scratch and maybe carry all that artistic past that limited me. Paret came in handy to make a clean slate.

-Your next album will have to come back to take your place?

It’s true that I was absent for three years and deleted my network and my videos, but I love doing something I love, regardless of whether others like it or not. And it had never worked like this. This time I did what he painted, without thinking so much.

-The first move was when you got “38”?

When taking out La Joaqui "38"

When taking out La Joaqui “38”

-Yes. It was the first cut of the EP to contain five songs. I did 38 with two girls who are just starting out in RKT and they are breaking it. I wanted to send the message that we all get along well, even though the ecosystem of the environment wants there to be only one.

Joaki in "38"

Joaki in “38”

– Was the atmosphere of freestyle too masculine when you started?

– I think so, but at that time I did not think so because I was also a very manly woman. I made jokes that didn’t match and I had a lot more regressive thinking than I do now, because I grew up in the ’90s and was raised among Quilombros kids. I was with all the changes that happened and I feel very responsible too. I devoted my entire teen years to change a few things and today I see a certain right to a flat that is not paid for, and that makes me proud.

current view

-You who were a pioneer, how do you see the present moment of urban music?

Today Argentina is a world power in music. Many parts of the world are watching here. Barriers were broken down and bridges were built in places that were inaccessible. It gives a lot of hope and confusion and hope to the beginner. Previously, everything seemed like a utopia to stay away from rap. I think it all started when Dookie released the video because I don’t sell nets. Kazoo and Dooki were two very important people to create this crowd. Also YSY A.

-Do you feel like a veteran of the scene, who knows everyone from the beginning?

I had the opportunity to see how everything exploded, because maybe it makes me value things differently. And that’s why now I dare to take out anything because I know it’s profitable if you really dedicate the necessary time, work and love to it.

Shows and Tours

– How did you spend it at Lollapalooza?

-Very good. It’s an incredible stage and the sound is awesome. The people are very nice and have great energy. I had a good time and we were able to do something with a band, which is what I love the most but you can’t do it in the bowling alleys.

– After you go on tour?

-Yes. I was all over the country and the interior of Uruguay, with shows every weekend. In August we go to Colombia, Chile and the United States.


Nicolas Furtado with Joaquinha "La Joaqui" Lerena in "El Marginal 2".

Nicolas Furtado with Joaquinha “La Joaqui” Lerena in “El Marginal 2”.

-And how is your face as an actress, or do you want to put an end to that?

-I want to act again! Even more so than before, because I think I will face it with less shame. I love series and novels, but I would also like to do something in a film. I want to start with a crazy role or make a horror movie! Develop a character that suits the tension.

-What is your experience on whether both things can be done?

It depends on the time when there is a demand for the work of everything. Acting and composing a song that releases once a week is not the same thing. But always devoting the time that everyone needs.


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