The actress and alleged friend of Alejandra Guzmán assured to witness the occasions in which the singer neglected her daughter.

MEXICO.—Tell them and tell them what alejandra guzman it was not best mom for frida sofia And for that reason, the girl lived atrocities They live on the valley floor when she was a child, including sexual abuse by her grandfather Enrique Guzmán.

is now Gloria Izaguire, which assures that she sees the times when the singer neglected her daughter, that Frida suffered parental neglect throughout her life and on one occasion she even saw how ‘La Guzmán’ left his daughter to go with the “sailor”.

She showed her low potential to be a mother

Gloria Izaguire She was a guest on the program “Cimpre Hey Mass” to give her opinion on “Narcissistic Mothers”.

To illustrate her point, the actress took controversial relationship Come in Alejandra Guzman and Frida Sofia. In conversation, the comedian and Alejandra’s alleged examiner also told poor performance as a mother Which is shown by the interpreter of “Queen of Hearts”.

Although the most shocking revelation would be what he said when he claimed Witnessing Alejandra’s Negligence According to Frida, with whom she “forgot” her responsibilities as a mother on several occasions Gloria Izaguire.

“I lived it because there are a thousand tales. There’s another, where Frida Sofia left in Playa del Carmen, even as a witness, because he went with the sailor… and then he left her there for 2 years, “said the actress.

Gloria claimed to see on more than one occasion that Alejandra would ignore everything her daughter go with men.

Blindly believe in Frida Sofia

actress too He told that he believed that Frida Regarding Enrique Guzmán’s case, his mother “left him there.”

“Of course I believe (Frida) that her friends raped her, who didn’t, who did, because mom couldn’t take care of herself and she left her there. She has a strong problem, I don’t know What is this, no, I’m a psychiatrist,” said Comedian.