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“La Chilindrina” with Covid-19: “As if he just had a cold,” he says


The actress María Antonieta de las Nieves, who brings “La Chilindrina” to life, announced that she has contracted the coronavirus.

MEXICO CITY – “The Chilindrina”, Character played by the actress Maria Antonieta de las Nieves, announced on social networks that he gave positive too evidence of Covid19.

The publication of the actress and comedian caused a stir among her followers, which is why she reported in detail how is your health and I take this statement to congratulate your fans on the upcoming new year.

“La Chilindrina” positive for Covid-19 How is that?

Via your Instagram account, “The Chilindrina” confirmed that it infected with coronavirus (Covid-19) despite the care he always took. Similar, Maria Antonieta de las Nieves found she is fine and isolated at home. The comedian emphasized that she was recovering well as the days went on.

“The Chilindrina” He assured followers that the symptoms displayed were like “he had a cold,” adding that his infection was not “something serious.”

“Despite all the care I always took to avoid getting infected with COVID-19, the test came back positive … It seems like I just have a cold, nothing serious, as it was published there,” says the Brief statement by the 71-year-old actress.

It should be noted that in November Marie Antoinette of the snow entered in the list of Guinness world records through Longevity of your character Child “La Chilindrina” that he has played for 48 years.

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