La Casa del Actor denounces Jesús Ochoa for violence against the elderly

MEXICO CITY.- The Actor’s Home I take new authorized actions on Jesús Ochoa, normal secretary of the ANDA since 2018, as a result of he refuses to pay this place that homes retired actors.

Javier Coello Trejo, authorized consultant of the Casa del Actor, mentioned that, though they’ve had shut ties with Ochoa, they haven’t been in a position to attain an settlement by “Mr. Ochoa’s stupidity, nothing more”.

The grievance in opposition to Jesús Ochoa: from accidents to torture

Due to this fact, they carried out a grievance dated August 3 of this 12 months earlier than the lawyer Ernestina godoy, Legal professional Normal of Mexico Metropolis, in opposition to Jesus Maria Ochoa Domínguez and those that are liable for numerous acts with look of crime, comparable to harm, failure to help or care, discrimination, torture, fraudulent administration and disobedience and resistance of people.

“What is being sought is to make the ministerial authority aware of the attitudes of the secretary general of the ANDA in front of the actor’s house, we have a sentence that caused this and the lord does not want to pay what by law corresponds to the elderly actors“.

“Those attitudes, those positions of Mr. Ochoa and some others of the National Association of Actors, in my opinion they have committed criminal actsTherefore, as a representative of the Casa del Actor, I am making the authority aware that from May 2018 we have not received a penny from ANDA when the obligation is to pay reimbursements. ”

In a press release from the Casa del Actor it’s added:

“This complaint has been made every time that Mr. Jesús Ochoa has repeatedly mentioned before the press what has been your decision stop such payments, their attitude to various actors whom he has even publicly beaten, makes it clear that its objective is to continue violating the rights of the elderly, asylum seekers in the Casa del Actor, causing them suffering and psychological torture because these elderly actors are desperate because they do not have sufficient resources for their support “.

They reply to the indications of Jesús Ochoa

As for Ochoa’s sayings concerning the duplicate invoices and inconsistencies within the receipts of the Casa del Actor; Coello factors out that it has solely been in phrases and never in authorized actions.

There has not been a single complaint, they have not presented me with an invoice, I told him since the assembly broke that if he had elements to prove them, that we we were doing audits and that if we found something we would proceed against whoever did it. ”

Relating to the course of the grievance, the authorized consultant said that will take your time, then they’ve barely filed the grievance.

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