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‘La Casa de los Famosos’: Telemundo censors a sexual encounter in the reality show

the reality show The House of the Famous’ It is one of the most popular programs at the moment. due to the dozens of controversies generated from the coexistence of 17 celebrities in the same home.

After almost three months of transmission, the show has reached its final weekremaining in the game only five members: Ivonne Montero, Salvador ZerboniTony Coast, Daniela Navarro and Nacho Casano.

throughout the weeks the audience witnessed fights, tears, laughter, camaraderie, betrayals and romances among the participants. Regarding the last point, the sudden love affair between Daniela and Nacho has generated scandal, which was described by Laura Bozzo herself as false and part of a strategy to win votes in the last days.

Telemundo censors possible sexual encounter in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

The reality show format involves the continuous transmission of what happened inside the house through a 24/7, however, there were times when the signal was cut, or the production took care of certain shots, a situation that generated doubts among the viewers, however, the reason why the signal was censored was finally revealed.

It was during the ‘gala’ on Monday, that is, the program broadcast daily on Telemundo as a summary, that Hector Sandartiproject manager, revealed the existence of suggestive images that could not be broadcast during family hours.

According to the driver, one of the multiple moments alone between Daniela and Nacho had to be edited due to the existence of unpresentable material.

“They had to be edited, because there were things that cannot be presented, because this is a family showthe rest I leave to your imagination”, he declared.

With this confirmed a possible sexual encounter between Daniela and Nacho, without specifying what type. Given this, all the press and former participants were amazed at the statement.


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