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‘La Academia’: What songs will the students perform in the SEMIFINAL?

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The singing reality show ‘The academy’ generated great controversy throughout its last edition due to the scandals and incidents in which the production was involved.

This also placed her among the most watched currently on Mexican television. The commemorative generation for the 20 years is about to come to an end; here We share the list of songs that the participants will perform in the BIG SEMIFINAL.

What songs will the academics perform in the SEMIFINAL?

According to Alexander Acha, director of the project, on the instructions of the producer the semi-final will be held in two parts on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 August.

Saturday the dynamic will be in pairsfrom which a winner will come out, of the 3 students who go to the second stage there will be two who will face each other to determine the winner of the day.

The first couple is made up of Mar and Andréswho will sing the song duet ‘Mourn’ of Jesse & Joy with Mario Domm. Whoever wins and goes to the next stage must interpret the theme ‘Laura is not herefinally, in case of reaching the final stage, the assigned song is ‘Blue’ by Christian Castro.

The second couple is made up of academics Nelson and Cesia, two of the big favorites to become winners; they will perform the song as a duet ‘Was you’ by Ricardo Arjona with Gaby Moreno. The one who passes to the next stage will sing ‘Here I am’ and if they manage to reach the last filter, the assigned song is ‘What was not will not be’.

The third couple made up of Eduardo and Rubí will sing the hit duet ‘Hanging on your hands’the one who manages to advance will interpret the song ‘This afternoon I saw rain’ and finally, if someone manages to reach the final battle, the assigned theme is ‘The love of his life’ by Julion Alvarez.

Songs for the Sunday concert

for the concert on sunday the participations will be individual, so Alexander awarded a particular song to each contestant; below the list.

  • Nelson: ‘My friend’ by Alejandro Sanz
  • Cessia: ‘Hears’ by Beyonce in its Spanish version
  • Andrew: ‘Hug me very tight’ of Divo de Juarez, Juan Gabriel
  • Sea: ‘Angel’ by Robbie Williams retaking the Spanish version of Yuridia
  • Ruby: ‘Your lack of wanting’ by Mon Laferte
  • Eduardo: ‘Today I want you’


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