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Kylie Jenner calls Instacart driver to deliver food to her home, claims she heard baby cry

Kylie Jenner wanted to enjoy her mayo-drenched salami and pepperoni sandwiches in peace, but her Instacart delivery driver spoiled the mood, albeit briefly.

The 24-year-old makeup mogul took to social media earlier this week to call out TikToker Pablo Tamayo, who claimed that while delivering a $12 pack of pepperoni from Areven, a West Hollywood grocery store, he heard a baby scream inside the house . , The deliverer also claimed that after allegedly confirming orders were placed at Jenner’s lavish home, she was not tipped well.

Tamayo posted a video boasting about the exam, claiming he was instructed where to leave the delivery. He also claimed that he was taken by a man near the gate to drop off the food.

“I just went to Kylie’s house,” he claimed on the video. He also claimed that he went through “like a river down this little path” to get to it.


I can’t make out this crap I just gave to Kylie Jenner

Original soundtrack – Pablo Tamayo


I’m sure you’ll either love mayo or absolutely hate it

Original Soundtrack – Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner
Kylie Jenner / TikTok

But that was not done. The Instacart driver said he took a look at “the whole house” and saw “all these helpers, all these maids and s**t”. Then, she dropped it, which really set Jenner off: “I didn’t see Kylie. I didn’t see Stormi, but I swear I heard a baby scream.”

Tamayo captioned her video with the headline, “I CAN’T MAKE THIS S**T UP,” but it looks like she certainly did, according to Jenner who called her out for lying.

in comments since deleted but captured by I! news, Kylie took the Instacart driver to task by saying, “No one comes through the gate! River?? No river. Lying for attention excuses me unfairly.” She also said that the driver “lied even about looking out my windows and hearing my son cry. ??”

Jenner later posted a snippet on TikTok in which she was making a mouth-watering sandwich. At the end of that video, Kylie’s sane bites off Sammy, while Travis Scott lurks in the background, smiling. She captioned that video, “Trust me you either love mayo or absolutely hate it.”

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