Home Entertainment Kuno may play Cepilin in Baker bioseries

Kuno may play Cepilin in Baker bioseries

Kuno may play Cepilin in Baker bioseries

It was the son of the late comedian who made this fact known. He assures that the actor will be the same.

Mexico City.- Ricardo Gonzalez Jr., son of brush, Announced that the actor’s family has given permission for kuno baker interpretation To the star of the children who died on March 8th.

According to the son of the singer, whose original name was Ricardo Gonzalez, the project he has in mind is a biographical series About the little clown on television and they’re watching who will do it.

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son of cepilin Intercepted by reporters from various media, who found him on the outskirts of Televisa, Ricardo gave a brief interview in which he indicated that he was looking for investors To finance the project that seeks to be a tribute to the life of the interpreter of “In the Jungle of China”.

However, his stay at Televisa could mean that Cepilin’s son has offered the company to become a producer of the bioseries.

“Thank God that merchants from all over the Mexican Republic started talking to us and we haven’t stayed for more than a weekend that we’ve given each other,” Joker also said.

Why should I have a Kuno Baker toothbrush?

Gonzalez Jr., surprised to say that you want kuno baker Whoever played the comedian in his adult life would be in charge of giving life to Cepilin during adolescence, because of his physical resemblance to him, as his son. Ricciardo believes that Baker is a great actor so he would do it “super well”.

“He’s a great friend and he’s a great actor, I want him to be besides being very skinny, so it would fit in very well for him,” he said.

despite your wishes kuno of his father’s life in a television project, haven’t talked with him However, he said that in the next few days Will look for it to make you understand, Well, his commitments to the soap opera”burning fire “ they have already finished, also believe that kuno Will be happy to play the role.

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