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Kuno Becker talks about his addictions: “I went to a TV show drunk and drugged”

The actor Kuno Becker He shared that a few years ago he became addicted to drugs after suffering from a deep depression. the protagonist of Goal!who is the great-nephew of María Félix, confessed that he was involved in a toxic love relationship that made him hit rock bottom and brought him closer to the world of harmful substances.

“When I was 38 I got depressed. I was in a very destructive relationship that sent me into a brutal depression until I made the immense pend*j*z of trying drugs and that drug was cocaine“, Said the actor in a video that he shared through his social networks.

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Kuno Becker reported that he approached cocaine because “he had heard that it it made you feel so much better, so good, and there was no way to feel depressed if you were on drugs.”

Later, the actor pointed out that addictions not only caused negative havoc in his personal life, but also caused him problems on a professional level.

He recalled that in several interviews that were conducted at that time he appeared in an inconvenient state in front of the cameras and gave incoherent answers, and gave as an example his controversial appearance on the program A new day at the beginning of 2021.

“That’s why they saw me in some interviews saying stupid things. That’s why in a particular interview on Telemundo where I went to a television program because drunk and drugged“, said.

Kuno Becker talks about the day he hit rock bottom

He pointed out that he was about to take his life; However, he sought help and entered a rehabilitation center where they supported him to overcome his addictions.

“I saw my grandfather inside my mental stress. I’m not sure I saw him (…) But he told me: ‘you go or you stay’. I had a gun in my mouth and was about to commit the most brave of a coward and the most cowardly of a brave, of taking my life because of depression”.

He added that while in rehab he made the decision to apologize to co-workers and loved ones for his behavior.

“My therapists and I came to the conclusion after I got into rehab because I got into rehab, because I wrote a letter where I made a list of people I had hurt professionally, above all, personally as well , emotionally with something he has said. I called each one or saw her if I could live. Two people did not accept my apology, all the others told me: ‘Kuno, many of us have been through that’“.


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