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Kunno exposes Yeri Mua for mispronouncing brand name: “friends don’t correct in public”

Yeri Mua is traveling in Spain with other celebrities, including the singer Anitta and the tiktoker kunno. The Mexican influencer has documented every moment of her journey on social networks, where she has kept in touch with her fans through live broadcasts that she has made in the middle of her dinners or her night walks .

However, in a recent live she experienced an awkward moment because of Kunno, this after the tiktoker corrected her in front of his millions of followers per pincorrectly pronouncing the name of an exclusive clothing brand.

Yeri Mua, Domelipa and Kunno had dinner over the weekend with a group of friends at a restaurant in Madrid, where the influencer decided to connect live with her followers to talk about the luxury bags she bought during her trip.

Over there are my bags, but it didn’t go to ‘versachi’, the truth nothing more had a…“, Yeri Mua commented until Kunno interrupted her and exhibited her for incorrectly pronouncing the name of the Italian fashion house.

Versace (‘versace’)”, corrected the tiktoker, to which Yeri Mua asked him: “YHow do you know?”.

Kunno explained that he learned it in a clip recorded by the director of the brand: “Versace, didn’t you see the viral video of Donatella Versace coming out saying ‘it’s not’versachi’it is ‘versatile‘? It’s a very viral video.”

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Yeri Mua

Yeri Mua responds to Kunno for exhibiting her

The influencer made a gesture of discomfort at the way Kunno exposed her in front of her followers. Noticing the influencer’s annoyance, the tiktoker explained that he only corrected her so that she would not look bad to others.

“I mean, it’s not bad that you say ‘versachi’, but it’s so you look more slutty, because that way when you see someone you can correct them and you look more slutty”,

The famous claimed to Kunno for wanting to make fun of her, a comment with which several Internet users agreed, because cThey considered that the tiktoker was trying to “humiliate” her.

“I’m giving you some advice from friends, to be even more of a bitch,” Kunno said. However, her justification did not convince Yeria Mua who replied: “Friends don’t correct in public.”

Yeri Mua invites expensive dinner to her friends in Spain

In another video compiled by the account @chismecitosturbiosfans Yeri Mua is observed He agreed to pay for dinner for his friends after Kunno assured him that it was his turn to cover the expenses. The influencer assured that he was really “little”, although the account amounted to 180 euros, about 3 thousand 6 pesos.

“I’ll treat you,” he said, raising his hand, “it’s cheap, we all ate.”


Reference from www.milenio.com

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