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‘Kung Fu’ star Olivia Liang talks about final Cliffhanger and teases season 2 (Exclusive)

'Kung Fu' star Olivia Liang talks about final Cliffhanger and teases season 2 (Exclusive)

Spoiler alert! Do not continue if you have not seen the season finale on Wednesday Kung Fu.

What’s next for Nicky in Kung Fu?

After successfully defeating her arch nemesis, Zhilan, in an epic final showdown, the unlikely heroine took the first steps to embrace her warrior path. But while Nicky may have a temporary respite from the rollercoaster chase of making sure the power of the eight weapons doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, his journey is far from over. In the closing moments of the season’s final episode, Russell Tan delivered a stern warning to Nicky and those around her: Zhilan was not the person she should have worried about. It turns out that someone even more formidable, and in her bloodline, is coming for her.

“She has been through a lot” Kung Fu Star Olivia Liang told ET about Nicky’s difficult journey so far. “I think it’s going to be really rewarding. We’ll see at the end of Season 1 that we saw her go into this destination or this destination throughout the season, reluctantly at first, a little hesitant, and then now, really completely. “. embracing what he’s supposed to do. At the end of the season, it’s like, ‘Okay, what comes next what? ‘You’ll see that Nicky is fine with a little bit of the unknown. “

“Throughout the season, we saw her being stubborn, looking for one thing and she can’t stop until she gets there. It’s going to be really nice at the beginning of Season 2 that Nicky may not have a plan.” “the actress pointed out.” She has no idea where her life is going and has accepted this destiny as part of who she is and is open to wherever it takes her. “

After Wednesday’s finale, Liang offers his own theories about what that final scene means for Nicky in the future and what he would like to see in season 2.

ET: In the end, Nicky gets over Zhilan and forgives her. But Nicky’s troubles are far from over and there seems to be a larger obstacle presented to him in season 2. What do you know?

Olivia Liang: All we have to go is that final episode. I know our writers’ room will be meeting again on Monday. I’m sure everyone has things creeping into their minds about what they want to happen, but nothing has been set in stone yet. It definitely seems that Biange has followed her to San Francisco and because of that, mythology and magic have also entered San Francisco, where her family lives. I think we can expect to see the Shens, being part of this bloodline, getting a lot more involved in what Nicky does, even more than they already were. Maybe Baba and Mama can get involved [I’m] I’m not sure, but that’s what I hope will happen. It’s just me who puts it out there, but I’d love for Nicky to meet more Guardians the way he met Simon and meets Pei-Ling. It would be great to meet more guardians if everyone gets together and says, “He’s in San Francisco, we have to help.” I am literally speculating now.

Russell Tan’s warning at the end is troubling when he says that Zhilan was only a small part of his larger plan and that this is just beginning. That Nicky’s cousin is coming.

Totally. With his last words at the end and teasing that there is a member of Nicky’s family who is the key to everything, I think Nicky put a bit of a target on his back with everything he did with Zhilan. And Russell seems much more insidious with all his connections. It almost seems like he was orchestrating this the entire time. He had been watching Zhilan and all that. Nicky has a goal on her, sure, and it’s going to get pretty messy, since maybe this cousin he’s been watching, and I don’t know if she’s under his jurisdiction. I don’t really know about that yet, but if her family became an enemy, it would be very difficult for Nicky, because family is very important to her.

On a happier note, Nicky and Henry are making leaps and bounds in their relationship. What do you see for them in the future?

I’d love to see them do regular couple things for a while, rather than just researching in the library. All of her quotes have been about this purpose that Nicky has. I’d like to see them go bowling or go for a run or something more normal. I’d love to see if Henry has a house, see Henry’s apartment because [where does he sleep]?

When Season 2 resumes, there will be a lot of changes for the Shen family. Althea and Dennis are now married, Ryan is trying to pick up the pieces … Is there something you are offering the writers?

A couple of episodes ago, Ryan inspires Mom and Dad to go back to their roots and really celebrate Chinese cuisine. I would love to see how that looks at Harmony Dumplings, I hope to see it flourish with business. I still want to see more of Althea’s story on how she deals with her boss and the consequences of that. If he returns to the workforce, I would love to see Ryan grow into an even younger medical professional and really help the community. And I think Nicky needs a job. I don’t know what you are doing for income!

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