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Kristen Bell Says She and Husband Dax Shepard Are ‘Polar Opposites’ Wedding Happens in the Middle

Kristen Bell talks about her “polar opposite” marriage to fellow actor Dax Shepard in Tuesday’s segment CBS Mornings, detailing how they have worked to find a compromise between their wildly different personalities. In his words, “a recipe isn’t delicious with one ingredient.”

“Dax and I are polar opposites and the solution is always in the middle,” she told the three hosts. “You must have diverse perspectives.”

Although she learned this lesson from her marriage, Bell now applies the philosophy to many other corners of life, including the second installment of her “My Purple World Series” books, which she co-authored with Benjamin Hart.

“A lot of different brands work on kindness with kids,” Bell explained. “We wanted to be a little more specific. So what if there was a set of principles? Ours is, you need to laugh a lot, you need to work hard, you need to ask great questions – both big and small – And you need to use your voice, but also to listen, and just be you. We like to say, the only thing we have is you.”

Bell and Heart’s first book, the world needs more purple people, introduced the idea of ​​a Purple Person, someone who embraces who they are and finds common ground with others. In fact, someone who can see beyond red and blue to become purple.

Now, Bell Says His Sequel, The world needs more purple schools A “logical next step. It’s really a huge love letter to the teachers who have done so much on the front lines over the years,” she explained.

Back at home, Bell says that she and her husband are also working on becoming better Purple People. The couple recently announced a new podcast, honey and hammerWhich brings the listeners to his and Shepherd’s bedroom conversation.

“We’re always talking about how hard it is to be human,” she said. “Everyone has a different point of view, sometimes it’s hard to get along.” Bell says his new podcast came out when Shepard placed the microphone on his bedside table as they banqueted in the evening. Now, They’re Taking Shepard’s Relationship Question chair specialist podcast audience and responding to them simultaneously.

“Our goal is to allow people to hang out,” she said, “and then encourage them to say, ‘Okay, what do you think are on the side of the road?'”

The world needs more purple schools Released on Tuesday. honey and hammer No release date yet.

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