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Krista B. Allen and The Game Spark Romance Rumors With Flirty TikTok

13 going on 30 Actress Krista B. Allen sparked romance rumors on Monday with rapper The Game. The video, which begins with the words of a popular TikTok sound by Allen, while the words “when you just broke but,” flash across the screen.

“What are you guys doing, I can’t take it anymore,” Alan, who appears to be lying on the couch with his dog, Lola, behind him, mouths off, before the voice of Megan Thee Stallion.

The video then transfers a smiling 30-year-old Allen walking with 42-year-old The Game, who has his hand wrapped around her. The text now reads, “You just broke up,” with a smiling emoji next to it.

The two then share a kiss, with the rapper sticking out his tongue for the camera to cap the flirty moment.

Allen has also tagged The Game in the video.

Though she didn’t caption the clip, revenge The star provided further context in the comments when a fan wrote, “How dare you post this without any context.”

“Full reference!” Alan replied. “I’m the only woman doing single woman things.”

The game also told People Said in a statement that he is not dating the actress. “Krista and I are mutual friends – she attended my Fourth of July party and I jumped on her TikTok,” he said, noting that he was seeing someone else. “She’s a beautiful woman, but we’re not dating.”

In addition to the playful video, Allen shared several photos from the rapper’s July 4th party on his Instagram Story on Monday.

While The Game wasn’t in the video they shared, he tagged her in each of his posts and used a special filter for one that read, “They don’t believe in The Game’s 4th of July-lit party are… God did it!!!”

Christa B. Allen
Christa B. Allen

Ellen, best known for playing a young Jennifer Garner in the early aughts film, has kept her love life fairly private up to this point, while The Game has recently been linked to Erica Mena and India Westbrook .

The “Easy” rapper is the father of three children, son King, 15, and daughter, Callie, 11, whom he shares with ex, Tiffany Cambridge, and 19-year-old Harlem, whom he fathered while in a previous relationship.

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