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Kris Jenner Jokes ‘98%’ Of ‘The Kardashians’ Is Just Kourtney And Travis Barker Making Out

Kris Jenner Jokes '98%' Of 'The Kardashians' Is Just Kourtney And Travis Barker Making Out

Kris Jenner is sharing how her family’s new show ‘The Kardashians’ is mostly involving Kourtney and husband-and-wife Travis in their famous PDA.

Kris Jenner Here’s to teasing more elements of his new show kardashianAnd it’s not surprising to know that we have more kourtney kardashian And Travis Barker PDA is coming our way! “That’s 98% of new shows, is that wrong?” KarJenner matriarch joked Ellen Degeneres In a recent episode of his show promoting the new Hulu series.

Ellen then laughs with Kris about how she had to “disrupt” the soon-to-be-wed couple from declaring Court’s sister Kim Kardashian was having a gig saturday night live, “Even at your house for Christmas, Travis and Kourtney — for real — just hang out without stopping! They just do it!”

Although many have criticized the couple for their antics, sources have told us that the pair really “can’t care” what people think of their hot and heavy PDA. Since making their relationship public in February 2021, the reality star and her Blink-182 drummer beau have made it clear that they won’t be slowing down anytime soon!

,Travis And Kourtney is in the honeymoon phase, they just can’t get enough of each other,” revealed a source close to the couple hollywoodlife In a special way. The attraction between them is off the charts, so it is a big part of the relationship and it comes out naturally in their social media posts. ,

Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker
Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker share a kiss on the Grammys 2022 carpet (Matt Barron/Shutterstock)

“They spend a ton of time together but they can’t be together 24/7 and usually they post to each other when they’re not together,” the source continued. ,Travis Kourtney loves to be told that he’s thinking of her when she’s not and the fact that he takes it even further and does it in public is pretty sweet. While most fans are in for the couple’s sexy social presence, not everyone is here for it. But multiple sources told HL that Kourtney and Travis aren’t paying attention to the haters.

“They can’t care what other people think of their social media posts,” shared a source close to the couple. “Kourtney hasn’t been with anyone like this in a really long time and she’s happy to share everything she wants about it with her fans.”

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