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Korean Idols Who Will Be Parents in 2022 and Others Who Will Be Parents in 2021

actor cantante coreano será padre 2022

the Pandemic pregnancies surprised many in 2020, but also in 2021; the Korean actors and singers they are no exception. This is a count of some K-pop idols and korean dramas that they have become parents or will be next year.

Chen from Exo

On Wednesday November 16, Newsen reported that the Chen’s wife is expecting her second child. As we have also reported, the news is in the middle of it Controversy, because female fans in South Korea didn’t take the trail that well The singer began his marriage and the arrival of his first baby just a few months after that.

the EXO member is currently Fulfillment of his civic duty in the military servicewhich did not prevent her from expanding the family and waiting for her second child.

Crazy clown

Jo-Dong-Rim, better known as Crazy clown, is a well-known South Korean rapper and producer that according to sources close to his representative authority Spaceship entertainment, confirmed last July that will be a father in 2022.

Soompi in SpanishAlso remember that the The 36-year-old producer got married last May, so he wasted no time looking for the firstborn with his wife.

Taeyang from BigBang

The singer and member of the vEternal K-pop group will be welcome their first child in 2022, after last September, the replacement of his wife, the actress Min hyo rin, confirm that you are pregnant.

The representatives of PLUM A&C, Agency of the actress quoted by The RepublicShe confirmed the news, revealing that the baby would be “soon” without stating when the birth would be.

We ask for your understanding, because Min Hyo Rin wants to give birth with ease.“That’s what the agency said of the 35-year-old actress, who, together with the 33-year-old singer, is one of the most popular couples in the industry.

The pregnancy comes three years after the couple married in 2018, just before Taeyang begins his military service, which he successfully completed in 2019.

Park Hae Soo from “Squid Game”

Park hae soo, now known worldwide for the euphoria the series of has left behind Netflix “The Squid Game” receive his second son shortly after this production debuted on the platform.

Korean Idols Who Will Be Parents In 2022 And Others Who Will Be Parents In 2021 - Light Home News
Park Hae Soos promotional images for “The Squid Game”

Acting agency BH Entertainment confirmed last September:

“Park Hae Soo (and his wife) recently welcomed their son. The mother and the newborn are both healthy ”.

It should be noted that for the also actors of dramas like “Prison Playbook” and “Time to hunt”, yoursecond son cameas it is popularly called “With cake under my arm”; as the actor has added several projects in addition to the success of Netflix, such as Korean drama “Chimera” in which he will play a detective.

It has also been the face of various brands that have kept it current both inside and outside of South Korea.

Bobby from Ikon

Korean Idols Who Will Be Parents In 2022 And Others Who Will Be Parents In 2021 - Light Home News
Bobby surprised with the news that he was going to be a father and marry his girlfriend last September, which sparked controversy among his fans. Illustrative photo

Another one who surprised me the news of an unexpected marriage and the birth of a baby is Bobbywho welcomed her firstborn at the end of September.

“Bobby told us he recently welcomed his baby,” a source revealed YG Entertainment, Icon’s agency, on 09/27

What we inform On this occasion, Bobby took the courage to write to his fans and announce that he was sorry to hide their relationship because he hurt the mother of his son, to whom he also promised marriage.

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