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Korean Exidol recalls the terror he lived with ‘Sasengs’

Kim Jaejoong, From JYJ And former member of TVXQ (DBSK), Recently shared to listeners “Night time workshop” many “Horror Stories Who lived with the so-called sasaengs (fans too obsessive) Invasion of privacy of his favorite stars) and was honest in saying that later Twelve years, this Thankful to not be an “idol” anymore.

What are “Sasengs”?

For those who . Stayed in K-pop world, Tales of “Sasengs” They are not strange at all, as apparently no group reaching fame manages to avoid these types of fans. Even BTS has many stories Of followers who have exceeded a certain limit.

Who is Kim Jejong ?: His story as an idol on TVXQ

In the case of Jejung, 35 year old artist Gained fame with Dbsk, Which debuted as Panchak in 2003 under the SM Entertainment label; Being conformed by Kim’s addition Xia Junsu, Yunho, Park Yu Chun, and Changmin. This time TVXQ continues as a duet, With Yunho and Changmin, one after the other It was a scandal Due to the departure of SM contracts and its other members in the industry.

TVXQ achieved international fame Thank you for his songs, especially in 2008 With album “Mirotic”It brought with it several scenes with female fans who wanted to stay close to the idols in South Korea, as the artists are known – and treated.

Promotional image for “Mirotic” showing Juntu, Yu Chun, Jejung, Changmin and Yunho

In what sense, There are many stories of Jaejoong, But he remembered one in which he had to call the police and which made him particularly cold on the officers’ response to his complaint. And that actor also remembers Sometimes these fans manage to sneak into their house. And that he would suddenly receive messages with pictures of different parts of the house, sometimes with him.

An image of Jejung released by a “Saseng” who managed to sneak into his house and take a picture of him while sleeping. Internet photo

One night though He is also an actor Says that he slept and They knocked on the door, But looking through the intercom Did not see anyone. The incident was repeated at least three times, without him not being able to see anyone on the intercom, so he began to panic, until When he opened the door, he ran into a person’s leg Who tried to run away.

“He is your fan.” Of course he can come (to your house) ”: Police response to Jaejoong’s assistance.

Jejung succeeded in finding the people responsible and called the police to inform him of the raid at his house, but the response from the authorities surprised him:

The policeman said to me: ‘He is your fan. A fan can come, of course Why are you informing the police about this? Kim Jaejoong, You shouldn’t be so close‘, And he went. That’s how it was back then, “the singer recalled the singer in statements Sumpi.

Remember that the same joke happened again a few days later, but when he did not answer, the man started to shake the door handle loudly.

“Now this does not happen to me. I am very happy ”, Jejong’s sincere confession

The singer Closed the talk with another anecdote In which he ordered food to be delivered and then delivery man, Covered with a hat, Asked him if he knew him, to which he did not answer.

Then the person repeated the question and before the same answer he ran towards the elevator of the building and went away. Jejung called the restaurant to ask for information from the delivery man and the administration responded: “That person just left.”

The singer Shortly after moved out, As he was accustomed to changing houses every two years, as well as cars and telephones, as Saseg would always trace these figures to haunt him.

It ended after 12 years for me. It doesn’t happen to me anymore. Now, I do not move and I have sold all my cars. I am free at last. I can even walk normally on the roads these days. I am very happy“.

Kim Jaejoong Will continue as host of “Nighttime Workshop” Instead of Jukje, the main driver, who is taking a break.

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