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Korean actress Yoo Joo Eun dies at 27 and they say she left a letter to her parents

  • Korean actress Yoo Joo Eun dies
  • His brother published the letter he left his parents
  • “Do not Cry. Please,” the Korean actress wrote in the letter she left behind.

“GOD LOVES ME”. They confirm the death of the emerging Korean actress, Yoo Joo Eun, 27 years old. Everything seems to indicate that the young actress, she made the decision to take her own life and the reason for her let her know in a letter that she wrote before she died and that she was addressed to her family; she was her older brother to break the tragic news of her apparent suicide. Rest in peace.

Yoo Joo Eun’s death caused great sadness to drama fans who have not hesitated to express their feelings at the news and acknowledge that the pace of life in South Korea -for celebrities idols– has meant a greater problem around working conditions and pressures that are exerted. Many others declared that he will now be part of the 27 Club, which is recognized for the deaths of famous artists, singers and actors who departed at 27 years of age.



the protagonist of Big Forest Y Joseon Survival Period, Yoo Joo Eun, died at the age of 27 on August 29. International media have reported that the young Korean actress died of an apparent suicide and everything seems to indicate that it was her older brother who confirmed the sad news. Before leaving, Yoo Joo Eun wrote a moving letter where she explained the reasons for her suicide.

According to Marca, the actress lost her life in her apartment and it was her brother who found her; It was not specified what happened, nor what was the cause of Yoo Joo Eun’s death, but she was going through a complicated situation and reflected it in the letter that she left to her family; although yes, she clarified that she had been thinking about the situation for a long time.

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