Actress ku hi hear Maybe asked a wiki site In Asia, equivalent to Wikipedia, that . will delete information about their controversial divorce an actor with him ah jane hyun.

according to information allkapop, the actress would have asked Namu Wiki, a page that acts like a known Wikipedia (the first source of many people’s information about facts and people); to eliminate Information about your divorce, which became one of the most infamous scams in South Korea and among followers of K-Drama.

The blog, which can be editable for anyone as well as Wikipedia, decided to restrict information Before the legal order imposed by the actress, on the basis of which she states that Sensitive and false information appears in this section.

Ku Hi Sun why does she want to forget her divorce?

It is not surprising to many that the actress starred in the famous production “Boys Before Flowers”. Lee Min Ho You kim hyun jong; then in 2019 affected his image Because of the statements and allegations he made against Ahn Jae Hyun, with whom he began a relationship after starring together in the fictional drama “Blood”.

After a lengthy divorce process in which the actress performed messages with Jae Hyun – allegedly manipulated; The couple legally obtained their separation July 15, 2020.

Since then, the actress has resumed her acting career and announced in recent weeks that she was dating a man who is not related to the show, so she wanted to keep that relationship off-camera.