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Kobe Bryant’s widow reveals what she will do with the 16 million she won in the lawsuit

  • Trial over photos of dead Kobe and Gianna Bryant
  • Vanessa Bryant revealed details
  • The widow of the basketball player seeks that these images are not disseminated

With the terrible tragedy in which the basketball star and his daughter Gianna lost their lives, for Vanessa Bryant it seems that things are going in her favor, after recently winning a lawsuit against the state of Los Angeles for leaking images of her husband and little daughter dead. After her victory, Kobe Bryant’s widow reveals that she will do with the 16 million she won in the lawsuit.

Vanessa Bryant gave herself the opportunity to overcome her pain and fight in front of the courts those who are responsible for the dissemination of the unfortunate events that occurred on January 26, 2020. Where the helicopter in which the basketball player and eight other people were traveling, among them their daughter Gianna ended up crashing.

Vanessa Bryant and her legal process

Vanessa Bryant and her legal process

According to MomsLatinas, it is known that the first charges that Vanessa filed were against the helicopter company in which her husband and daughter were traveling, since it was revealed that the pilot was disoriented due to the fog that was there at the time and ignored the protocols established. Regarding this issue, both parties reached an out-of-court settlement.

He later sued Los Angeles County after elements of the Police allegedly took photos of the accident with their own cell phones and shared them with different media without any type of authorization. The judge agreed with Vanessa and she was compensated with 16 million dollars, according to Univision.

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