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Know how they chase people with curlers

Know how they chase people with curlers

Said with hair and signs. In this world where no one wants anything certain except the good anti frizz, we warmly remember one of the victims: Andrea Peroni Dorali: “Before I was not a person, I was one” globetrotter

She was the first to publicly speak out against her own indomitable curls.

Do the bearers of curlers deserve the most pity?

After his almost swearing in this newspaper, permanent straight became a trend. he made it visible. She was the first word “keratin” to appear in the media. And that medium, yes madam, was bugle.

Keratin turned into a hashtag-like trend and tattooed on the labels of hair-pulling products.

“Hair comes together and keratin is a protection”, he explained to us when we tried to find out if it was keratin or keratin. “I don’t know very well, but twenty minutes go by, you iron it, you dry it and that’s it.”

Andrea Peroni Doral Did The Final Straight.  Photo Juano Tesone

Andrea Peroni Doral did the final straight. photo juano tesone

when he said what he said, when he bleached its categorical rejection of the curler, Andrea was alone. Now he’s not an outcast because there’s a kind of international that fights against Global Straight.

It was like this: From straight hair removal to permanent hair removal, Categorized has us in a system of no-wave ties.

We can talk of a different process of dominance, which begins, of course, where it should begin: the head.

a little history

tanguito, that’s fleet With Lito Nebia, she wanted her hair to last longer. long and straight. If hair and thoughts emerge from the coconut, the relationship is irreversible.

in the bodies of the rock, luca prodan Got angry: How much did you spend for today’s hair?

Noelia Ricci He has had curlers since birth. We were honest in an exclusive interview: “I never knew what it was like to have straight hair. I’ve been tied up for years and years thinking it’s going to pull like this.”

“As a girl I knew the iron was going to be an indispensable tool. I believed that, I was wrong. And then what did I do? Nothing, I was watching my friends ironing… ”

Noelia has friends with curlers. They are like a cult. a risk group that neither international amnesty Managed to warn.

“The problem is in the commercials,” warned forward Andrea Peroni. “They never put curly girls in commercials. bombshell makes you feel that if you’re a woman and have curls, you don’t exist”, she saw years ago, becoming the first blocker of what is technically a lock of hair, shaped like a de ring or spiral.

“It’s been three to four months. It’s definitely not sure, and there are a lot of ways to do it. One is with formalin and keratin, straight keratin, did you hear about that? I have a layer of formaldehyde called They apply to you with a comb.Hair is super strong. I’ve Used Thousands of Ironing Creamswho show you in two minutes you are divine and no, you are not divine.”

“Put it right: you don’t look divine!! You’re waiting in front of the mirror marvel of argentina And nothing happens, besides, we touch our hair all day long, it’s a tick, and creams make them greasy! Do you know! “.

Which can be called extravagant, if Stalin’s voice had been cleared. was embodied by the oppression of curlers infamous barber And get the infamous hair treatment. Such hallucinations eventually led to extremism for the curlers.

“I have a different head. One of them that is put under water and does not get wet by one”. Noelia Ricci She explained to us what it’s like to live with curlers. “I had a very complicated one.”

obedient curl Offers a leading brand. control the curlerssays another.

Noelia rushes to the top to solve her “blame”. Roberto Giordano“Don’t kill me, I’m Giordano!”—, on suspicion of a “serial straightener”, told her to leave her curlers as they were. He didn’t even know how to tie such hair!

good and bad

now there is pro curlers All over. Time is changing. present influential people curlers, beads TIC Toc consecrated to Tips For a world with curlers, groups of Facebook With thousands of members…

However, none of these particular sites talk about the first ladies who dared to show their faces.

Louis Yupanqui, Our Trans/Afro Extremist And Curl Specialist.

Louis Yupanqui, our trans/Afro extremist and curl specialist.

loving curls There is a Facebook group. Personalized advice, products, special brushes and much more. “we are weird girls. Each hair is unique”.

The current figure for this movement is Louis Yupanqi, extremist trans / afro And expert on curls and curlers: 50 thousand followers on Instagram. of some afro-activist Which is in Argentina.

We are tired of playing with his hair. They are not a dress…

In parentheses, one part of it is displayed better than the other.

“Ever since I was young, they made me feel that being black was wrong. I never knew why or how it affected others, but this feeling was present in some part of me throughout my life: teasing, armpits Eye. to happen Black This is wrong”, he wrote on his network.

“They make us believe that we don’t exist, that we are less than just to be Black or just racial people in a white-centred society”.

already page 12 Told him that if he were to summarize all his work, it would also include his expertise afro hair, “It will be related to clarifying the social problems that challenge me as a person.”

louis yupanqui – without obvious acquaintance with atahulpa– Evaluates “where you can talk with me about hair.” In the “group” modality, the hair health of each interested party is addressed. Private conversations also take place.

my mom never taught me to love my hair Neither do I love my complexion, and I don’t blame her,” he posted on his Populous account.

“Who would have thought that she would have to give up her son’s hand in a racist society where my hair was going to be foreign, that it was going to be the least prominent of a country’s school”.

“Over time you get used to the color of your hair and skin going unnoticed. Until you open your eyes. today my hair is a symbol of visibility and glory. Get used to seeing lots of curlers and afros…”